Life is not your idea of It

The problem with “experience” is that it weighs you down, rendering you incapable of tuning in with what is happening in this very moment.

How can you know yourself for real, unless you renew yourself
second by second?…You can´t win The Real, unless you dare lose
the false idea of yourself.

Can we think without language?

Does Thought exist in the absence of words …?

Every word is a perception based on a previous experience, right?… And as everything is new second by second, how can we tackle and perceive the New other than old, as we constantly live “ago”? – unfailingly burdened by our beliefs…

It is obvious that as long as we live in the Word, we do live in a projection – that is to say, not at all…

It seems that our brain perceives nothing but projections, as it is the sum of all yesterdays. It interprets life invariably wrong…- and thus all our daily problems and neuroses are steadfastly being maintained because we are assiduously defending ourselves from Life with the help of our fabrications:

Words and Thoughts.

“What about Love?”– he asked me.

Love knows no yesterdays and no tomorrows

As long as we do not pervasively understand the mechanics of Thought – which, again, is the sum of all yesterdays – Love, like Life, will remain just a vacuous projection.

The ego is just a program that’s playing in your head

Some days ago I had this weird thought of referring to myself – to this
Julien Matei – in the third person.
I thought I was totally going berserk fo a little while, entertaining this idea.

And so later on I bumped into her words. So reassuring, it showed I was not so crazy
after all.
She writes:

“I think that observing the ego in the third person will help me not take its antics so personally.

Sure, it might get crazy thinking of myself in the third person and translating what this
means for the decision-making mind.

But living in the ego is insanity already, right? From the observing mind I can see the ego as unreal and impersonal and let it go. The ego is just a program that’s playing in my head, and I do not have to interact!!

I can only see myself as perfect if I see myself as not the ego..

`Only reality is free of pain. Only reality is free of loss. Only reality is wholly safe. And it is only this we seek today.´

Which means that anything that doesn’t fit within those parameters isn’t real. So why should I look upon the body and the world as though they are real, as though they are really “me”? There is only mind, and I want my mind to belong to Oneness.”

Indeed, as for me, when my ego is absent, I feel the overwhelmingly soothing truth of these words in the space between two thoughts…It is there…- as sudden glimpses…And right away the ego swoops on me,
making me believe that it was no more than the figment of my imagination.

Yet, deep inside I feel that this joyous Presence – who is the real “me” – is steadily there second by second, unaffected by none of the ego´s foolish whims.

Such solace to know that…