You will never be deceived unless you deceive yourself

A deluded mind can never learn to love

You are really on your own. Just you and Life.

There is nowhere to go, no one is
really waiting for you, no one caring, cause nobody
really loves you, as they are all deluded,
they only love what you represent for them.

This insight hurts like hell; only your courage
to dispassionately grasp your own solitude is the ticket
to healing and to unalterable peace within.

Confronting Sorrow heals you from sorrow.

Know that there is only you Now,
there is no such thing as “later”:
Postponing will but enhance illusion,
your issues and your self-deceit.

If you are to understand this, this has to happen Now,
this very second.

If you don´t, you will eternally indulge in excuses,
continuing with the same silly and nonsensical
mental and emotional escape-patterns.

A question today

Can ever a free man of dignity and honor be friend with someone whose life is naught but a sum of lies and self-deceit?

Answering a friend

When we unreservedly start to acknowledge our pain and suffering, both within and around us, dropping our self-importance and self-deceit, when having the courage to heal thoroughly, humbly reaching out to one another encouraging each other in the pursuit of Self…yes, only in that very readiness, the grace and beauty of the Universe can reveal their mighty secret…

Who am I without my lies?

Being the one who calls things by their name, is a thankless task. Society and average man live in untruth and deceit, so when an honest man expresses a true version of the state of things, he is instantly attacked, scolded and demeaned.

“Honest, spontaneous and natural expression is anarchic, it has to be banned, it is a horrid threat to our meanness and hypocrisy”, that´s what the system thinks.
We could ask Hitler and Stalin to see what their comment would be about this, but we don´t need to go that far.

Common man is deep inside aware of his lies and falsehood. For sure, bigotry and untruth is his daily bread. So when someone uncovers his vicious reality, he becomes furious.


 “I know that I am lying, falsehood though is my secret and my livelihood – but how do you dare questioning “my truth”, how do you have the nerve to show me what I refuse to see?…

How dare you show your natural feelings, when the only thing I know is to repress my conscience and emotions…? Deep inside I am aware I live a life of fraud and compromise, you commit the crime of making me realize what I already know.

I know that I am wrong, I am just the innocent victim of my lies, but this is my identity I worked hard to maintain; I  AM NOTHING WITHOUT MY DECEIT, I can´t stand truth, it is depressing and uncomfortable…

I am a respectful citizen, my virtue is my neurosis, I choose not to live, so I advise you do the same. It is not more than fair – if I don´t live, you are not supposed to live either. We are all equal, we are democratic.”

Recognize this…?

The dead are not responsible

It is forgivable to be a genuine ignorant. The problem arises when you are not an ignorant but refuse to see, know and accept obvious facts. This is the case with most people.

Many are not evil, but they become evil when they refuse to live, to know, to reflect. Evil is delf-deceit, evil is to indulge in the delusion of Good, without confronting immediate reality.

To be alive means a great responsibility.

Responsibility comes from the word “respond”, so only a vivid person can hear and respond. Only the vivid can take responsibility.