The end of all tales

Everything I know, or think to know, makes me sad. Despondent. Miserable…

If I remain within the specific – and thus narrowing – limits of my lifelong experience, I am doomed…Likewise, if I remain a victim of my anticipation, constantly projecting my experience in the so-called future, I unbeknownst maintain and generate the same flawed image of me, with its fears, shortcomings and abysmal regrets…

Do I want that?…- cause this is the real question:

Do I find any sense in tormenting and beating up myself?

Is it any gain in self-punishment?…

Or am I aware that everything I think I know is simply a point of view…? – a rather prejudiced and incomplete outlook on life, based on an outlandish story I have been inventing and telling myself…

Can I put behind me the thought of me? – that is, the idea of me being a linear creature with a past and a future – and instead, plunge into the Timeless Presence of Me, into the No Tale of me, into The Miracle of the Unknown Me…

A break in Romania

So my friends,

Let me tell you that I am presently in Romania visiting my mother. I left Stockholm yesterday, needing a break from the limiting, frustrating and evil conformity with its constant absence of life, which is the everyday menu in Sweden.

So here I am, in my childhood city – Ploiesti. I have to confess that I wanted to take a well deserved break from Mirrors of Encounters too, but I just couldn’t keep these reflections away from being written down here.

This is an unfortunate valid truth everywhere, but something which you can flagrantly feel even more in this country :

Many people’s life is a frustrated constant struggle to survive. After so many years of reckless communism, they no longer know who they are. Due to a blatant lack of self-knowledge, they usually have no clarity, sense of order or understanding of the mechanics of Life. That’s the reason why, despite talent and ingenuity they fail mostly in whatever they enterprise. Failure has become some kind of virtue here.

It is evident – many are afraid to dream. ‘I am afraid to see how rich and irresistibly interesting life is.” Since many’s  knowledge of life is conditioned by the narrow frame of chaos and inertia of failure, they don’t trust that they can also succeed.

So they continue with what they know best : distrusting any new or healthy different way of looking at life, as if “different” doesn’t exist in the dictionary, they continue with the same mentality of suspicion and ill-founded fear,
all in all, due to a twisted and sick mentality, they are stuck in the obtuse identity of a loser.

A “loser” can never succeed, irrespective of the effort, hard work or ingenuity he puts in a project. It is evident that an unhealthy self-image, cannot be counteracted by any effort, talent or deliberateness.

Consequently, as long as Self Image is not going to be an individual and collective priority, most people’s life are going to remain a senseless struggle, a scary “shadow land”.