Society today

They all try to be someone, to be important. To stand out. To be successful.

They are so filled with their petty self-importance, so there is no chance to reach
them: everybody is behaving as if being some kind of fucking VIP.

“Communicating with me for real…? Forget it! Don´t you know that it is impossible to get to me…? After all, I am aware that inside of me I am hollow, a nobody really, and have to work hard to mask my futility and impotence…That´s why I make everything difficult and strained, in order to conceal  my insignificance.  Straightforwardness and honesty make me feel uneasy. Transaprency likewise – truth is a terrible blow to my vainglory. Coherence?…I hate it, it makes me think. If what you say is not enough twisted and fucked up, it has no relevance.”

Indeed, they are often nobody, wretched souls, and yet they play superior! They often know nothing for real, yet behave as models for others, that´s the thing which is so
immensely irritating and paradoxical.

People are so madly infatuated with the idea of succeeding. But let´s face it,
only losers strive for success.

The real successful person is successful now, feeling gratefulness, fulfillment and contentment this very moment.

But nobody is fulfilled and so they all strive. There are no real successful people left today, no matter how rich or resounding names they have. 

They are all hauntingly busy to chase their fucking ideal, no matter if they trample on corpses.

Chasing success does nothing but enhancing and constantly reinforcing distance and isolation. People are already isolated, living in cages, but want to “stand out” even more.

Recklessness everywhere. Unspeakable isolation. Narcissism of the worst kind.
Nobody is really interested in anything other than showing off. Everything has
become some kind of witless hoax, a sham – they are all stuck in an imbecile grin
of a pose.

They all mimic life, you have the vivid impression that you are partaking in a
furiously maddening charade.

Really, sometimes I am ashamed to be part of this idiotic age. I am ashamed to witness
how people renounce every trace of common sense and intelligence, conforming to a way of living which is nothing but pure insanity.

Really, it has become unbearable. There is nowhere you can hide anymore.

My question is:

Can´t you all for a change stop this masquerade, you morons?…Who the hell are you playing this cheap idiotic theater for…? Aren´t you tired of this intolerable dissimulation?
What gain is it really to be a wreck but playing successful?…

The hell with all lies and hypocrisy.

Stop feigning! Have the guts to denounce and take a break from this farce!

Better suffer and be yourself than entertaining this abominable imposture.

Dare to be yourself for a change, cause only then you are someone real.

You can only possess your conceited self-importance

This is written to all “respectful” citizens who have turned this beautiful life into a nightmare.

Imagine how often I wanted to say this to those self-appointed, “important people” everywhere.
You often can´t, as they will get angry and aggressive…These are often the ones with power, as the false
power has been given to them by others similar to them…

We can take the risk and telling them the truth openly and heartily…

Imagine, if there would have been more people having the guts to tell to such nut cases like Hitler, Stalin Ceausescu and other twisted bastards about their taking themselves to seriously – they would have probably been killed, but those crazy morons wouldn´t have been less successful in their monstrosities.

Nothing is serious. Whoever created this Universe is outrageously intelligent and has a great sense of humor. Something that most humans lack.

So here is the actual post:

Let´s be honest, can anyone simply establish what is yours or mine?…
Really, do you possess the very air you´re breathing…?

Life couldn´t care less about your possessions – titles, personal beliefs or eminence.
It gives a damn about you being a doctor, scientist or writer, teacher or a whore, poet, saint,
engineer, sinner, composer or peace-maker. You can only possess your conceited

However spectacular, understand that “your truth” means absolutely nothing!! Zero!…Naught!
My so-called truth means nothing at all too.

You can only possess your fear.
Indeed, only fear and lies can be turned into possession.

Never The Truth!

So drop your fear for a change, take a break from your conceit and your stupid seriousness!
Learn to laugh and the Truth will laugh back to you! 🙂

A piece of advise

Don´t ever wait for something or someone. You feed many people´s self-importance with your expectations.
Don´t give away your time, your worth and precious dreams. Whatever or whoever is meant to come, will be there at once.

Trust me on that!

Answering a friend

When we unreservedly start to acknowledge our pain and suffering, both within and around us, dropping our self-importance and self-deceit, when having the courage to heal thoroughly, humbly reaching out to one another encouraging each other in the pursuit of Self…yes, only in that very readiness, the grace and beauty of the Universe can reveal their mighty secret…

Let´s play for while

Why don´t we play more?…

Why don´t we throw away our petty self-importance and dare be open, curious and a little generous with ourselves and the ones coming our way…

If you deprive yourself of joy, you will also decrease the other´s joy and self-esteem.

Indeed, why don´t we play more…? Why do we keep that false premise that playing is a waste of time?
Why are we ashamed to play and discover new things?…

Is there any fun in trying to dominate, because you feel insecure and afraid?…

Is there any fun in pretending you are happy when you´re not? Is it any fun to pretend you know when you know not?

Let´s be what we are now, let the sweet simplicity of being oneself be enough!

Let us play a little, and discover…who we are…