Self-knowledge can come only through relationship, not through isolation

Relationship is action, and self-knowledge is the result of awareness in action.
– Krishnamurti

Courtesy of Monica Cassani

What is the immediate perception freed from all ideas?…

If we are caught in ideas, that will bring us nowhere.

Only when the Mind is free from any content – can it experience something directly, without postponment…

The New is awareness with no name. It necessitates the courage of letting go of the known – that is, of name and current ideas you have about life…It is about inquiring beyond the old thought patterns.

The cessation of pursuit outwardly is reasonably easy. The hard part is the cessation of pursuit inwardly – so to say, to “arrest” thinking…We have to follow the process step by step in greatest attention…I am sure you are acquainted with the unending inner chatter in your head. That cannot be stopped by a deliberate act, because that “authority” trying to put an end to a thought, is, another thought. Hope you see what I mean, because it is either very easy or utterly complicated…

We have to come to that point where thought must come to an end. I say again: NOT MADE COME TO AN END. Thinking is inertia, and if not given enough fuel, at some point it does stop by itself.

The greatest issue here is that no book, no guru, nothing and no one, can ever help us in this process. We have to proceed in this undertaking step by step in greatest vigilance…When thought stops, begins self-knowledge. And self-knowledge is awareness – that is, instant after instant in intimate relation.

This intimate movement released from thinking is self-awareness…
Life-awareness…- what we usually call “LOVE” 🙂

Self-knowledge – the most daunting taboo

The one maintaining to know himself, doesn´t have a clue who he is.

Utterly speaking, the problem is not the lack of self-knowledge, but claiming to know, these obstinate people in fact neither want to know, nor discover themselves.

You cannot save the world

You can only save yourself – that is, get to know yourself. And in the light of your
Self-knowledge, who knows…? You might even save the world.

But do not ask me where I am going

As I travel in this limitless world,
Where every step I take is my home.
~ Dogen

This means that if everything is infinite, there is no need for any “direction.”

Every slightest movement – a step, a look, a word, a gesture – has enormous bearing and meaning, only when one understands the hopelessness of living for whatever target.

All problems stem from the fact that one has been “away” from oneself…We have been away from our true Wholeness. That is, away from self-knowledge.

To heal consequently, is daring to abandon the false identity built on “distance from oneself”. It is to abandon the quest – allowing all goals and directions crumble -, and start paying choiceless but conscious attention to every slightest movement, being aware that every second is a wonder…

Our true home is Wonder…and the knowing of this makes us safe…

To understand oneself

The hardest of all tasks…

You cannot befriend people who refuse to befriend themselves

Being philosophically liked but practically rejected

I have noticed that the topics most folks make comments on are either easy to shout out about or are ‘built’ (so to speak) on a platform of the usual, such as politics, race, sex, movies, and religion. Truthfully, I don’t know if I could hang in there being politely liked but politically rejected.

How I love this “being politely liked but politically rejected.”

In today-world wherever you go and whatever you do, you bump into this inane politeness which is basically a total non commitment. It is in fact a blatant disinterest to look further and within, a kind of ubiquitous mental sloth and unwillingness to examine oneself which is agonizingly destructive.

It comes a point when each one of us has to stop blaming “the other” and look inside. Truth be said, people prefer to die, rather than considering their inner person through thorough examination; that is why it´s kind of a hopeless task trying to engage people in this kind of spiritual pursuit.

The crisis of our modern age is to be found within, but no one wants to admit this simple fact. There is a spiritual and emotional crisis of huge proportions, a crisis of morality, of identity which has spawned the present human predicament in all its blatant dysfunction.

So I write for those who are willing and prepared to see Life in a more overarching perspective.

For those who want to see the cause of our misery.

For those who want to empower themselves, taking the responsibility of plunging into self-knowledge.

Yes, for those who see that only the pursuit of Truth can solve our problems in these unsettling times.

Know thyself

The essential thing is but to understand yourself through constant and relentless self-questioning.
In due time, penetrating deeper in yourself, – which is a hell of a job – you might
understand things differently, no matter if it comes to the book you mention or my writing.

Bear in mind that even when you are “right” you are still “wrong”. To see the false as false is a hell of an undertaking.