Ego and Self

I will love her forever

Not only that she believed in me when no one did, but she trusted and backed me – reminding and prompting me to see the undying Beauty inside of me – even when I had lost faith in mySelf.

What if there is no more precious goal than You?

“So can I Love this moment and the next and the next?” – asks David.

Eventually, what is the “next” moment, if not this very instant?…


Speaking of which:

I hade quite an epiphany these last days: how would that be if instead of constantly chasing whatever “goal”, I turn MySelf into the most precious goal…? Moment by moment.

Indeed, what if “nearness” is another word for Love?…

Can I therefore stop looking for myself some time in an indefinite future, realizing that “distance” is simply a vapid concept, and instead get to know myself as “nearness” Now?

Admittedly – they all want to reach “far”, but how many of us are prone to lovingly examine their “near?

The Fearful Ego – the hidden Entity subminating your life and health

With the risk of being considered some kind of excentric loon, I think it´s ripe time to call things by their true name, unveiling and speaking about an incredibly elusive psychic reality which is at work creating and fueling all our problems including physical and psychical diseases. It is this very reality which ultimately prevents and deprives us of living a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Well, what do I have to lose, except my ego, right?

What you say makes sense to me, but I’m still afraid. I don’t know if this is a task to be undertaken when one’s physical health is bad, or if this is the perfect time to take it because my physical health is bad.

Don´t be tempted to believe that “losing Ego” is some kind of trifle…Don´t underestimate its enormous power. The “combat” with it is anything but “easy”…- it is in fact an “impossible” undertaking, insofar as it´s an illogical dispute on “life and death”. Meaning that when It lives having us under its command we are dead, and conversely, its death is us being alive.

I told you before that Ego is a very treacherous and very tenacious entity which can easily shape-shift from singularity to plurality – it can be one, but many at the same time. Like the monster with different heads in the fairy tales.

It disposes over an incredible arsenal of guises. It can take over whatever “existing” manifestation, in fact. It is highly unpredictable, popping up when you least expect it. It can be insidiously subtle – inasmuch as we can confuse it with the voice of Self – or unmistakably aggressive, vindictive and mean. Conflict, misery, affliction, chaos and disorder are its most precious characteristics – unpredictably wreaking havoc in every thinkable or unthinkable way.

It loves to punish itself and the host through disease.

As I said before: every form of psychic ailment is its “fabrication” too…- that´s hard
to swallow, as this sounds totally unsubstantiated for any sound and rational person.

Actually, it loves not to be identifiable, it skilfully and insidiously hides behind the curtains in order to maintain control. When you hear all these men of science denying the existence of Evil, be sure that it´s It, claiming it doesn´t exist.

That being said, you thus understand how hellishly difficult it is to identify it.

Unless you have dared look in the depth of depth, this seems to be some kind of gobbledygook of a deluded mind.

THAT IS WHY IT IS SO HARD TO HEAL: you necessarily need to plunge into these unseen levels of being, and there be aware of realities which are at work but everybody denies.


So now it is about being lucid here.  Sometimes “reasonable” entails dropping mundane logic:

So ask yourself:

Who is afraid within you?… Do you understand that fear is the very tool with which this
parasite of ego manipulates you?…

It is Fear stealing and frustrating you of your energy. Fear giving you all these seemingly
unsolvable health problems. Fear preventing you from truly living and being ardently alive.

You can put an end to this parasite living at your expense, by consciously staying with What is in adamant lucidity, courage and determination.

Disunity and isolation – the greatest Illusion of them all

The body itself, the flesh and blood of us, wants lots of things, food, warmth,,,then the ego individual of us wants recognition, comfort, status, in short whatever feels good…… but if there is a part of us that says, “all fine and good, and even necessary, but is there not more?” then things become shaky and uncomfortable.

I think depressions, addictions and such, either come from the ego who is not satisfied with ego wanting, or it can also come from the spirit of a person who is searching for more than ego satisfactions, in other words a soul who seeks a meaning to life itself, asks the big questions, … what is that spark of consciousness who is conscious of itself and yet feels so isolated? Longing for a greater unity?

The point is:

WHO in us feels isolated?…How come we feel isolated in a Universe which is anything but “isolated”…? This Isolation we feel, is it true…? Or eventually Isolation is Fear – this terrible illusion which is taken for true by millions of people.

This Illusion of isolation is the terrible dream of disunity,
of Unhappiness
– can you see that?

Think it over:

Who is uncomfortable, who in us wants “more”… is there such thing as “more” when you are at ease, completely present and absorbed in What is? – that is, when you are Unity, at one with all there is?

Can you see that this entity who dreams the dream of Isolation is Ego…?

All depressions, addictions, satisfaction-craving, entitlement-issues is Ego – dissatisfaction remaining dissatisfied no matter what…

There is meaning-seeking as long there is Ego…- that because Ego as such is a total failure, spooky meaninglessness ultimately.

It is Ego asking “the big questions”, whereas in reality from the perspective of Self, of the true Spirit, there are no questions – because:

WHO is there to ask? And who is there to answer…?

Are you living, or is your life being lived by default?

Here´s the deal:

As long as you don´t take the journey INTO your soul, into your very specific deepest core, where your true being is, along with your talent and vocation, you will live somebody else´s life.

Unless you plunge into yourself, you will fall constantly pray to other people´s whims
and fears, you will fall victim to others inflated image of themselves.

Unfortunately, that is a fact of life:

People love their superiority, even in cases where this appears to be different, people are in love with their own image. They are – as you might know – interested in themselves, and not in you.

That´s why true friendship and communion is nearly non-existent in our day: as
they never go inside of themselves, they all identify with the superficial layers of their
I-ness, feeling thus insecure and therefore trying their best to dominate you.

Love and true friendship can ONLY exist where there is courage to delve wholly into
one´s true nature.

So delve and befriend your true Self.

What about you, what inspires you?

Aniketan K:
Your words are really helping me to build myself.

I am curious to know your source of inspiration, if I may

It´s simply My Self…mainly. Don´t confuse it with “myself”. ;)

Then, certainly: true and genuine dialogues…great encounters…trigger largely my creativity. All my great artistic endeavours are actually a direct outcome of a close meeting with life through and together with another person.

My blog is called Mirrors of Encounters as a way of pointing to that.

Tune your instrument before you play it

There is no clear destination or predefined purpose in life.
The only worthwhile goal is your being tuned with yourSelf now.

Dwell in your own harmony, in your own trust.

Find your own pace and measure.

The beautiful music of your True Being.

Loneliness, suffering and the secret of healing

Ann Joseph commenting a post of mine:

Loneliness and emotional issues of us is quite an old concept. Being a folklorist, I have seen evidence of loneliness in proverbs & folklore from several cultures. One Yiddish proverb on loneliness I want to quote here, is “When an orphan suffers, no one notices; when he rejoices, the whole world sees it.” from my site

I guess one thing poorly understood is the difference between Loneliness and Solitude. In the former the person is not comfortable with the self but in Solitude, he is in perfect harmony with the self. Isn’t it? Once we learned this difference through experience, he is capable of handling hard times ahead.


It´s very hard to put this in few words, I could go on forever what loneliness entails.

To be concise, Loneliness is basically Absence, isn´t it? Loneliness is to be estranged from Self – that´s for sure.

Since this present Culture is basically the outcome of this estrangement, it is natural that our parents and tutors have raised us in this absence.

Our civilization is a civilization of orphans really, let´s face it.

“When an orphan suffers, no one notices”. No one notices cause everybody suffers,
that´s why people are deaf to each other´s suffering. Most humans think that life is about suffering, despite their refusal to admit it.

As suffering is the issue, very few – if any – come “to rejoice”, that is, to heal themselves from this inner torment.

The one who rejoices, is the one who consciously takes the road “back” to Self,
consciously going through all levels of personal and collective suffering,
facing man´s worst nightmarish drama – Separation – going through and beyond it, into primordial Unity with Self.

Reuniting with Self is restoring Life to its original aspect, it is Healing,
and this “rejoicing” – the real Solitude with Self – will therefore be heard by everybody, as everybody secretly wants to heal.

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The greatest challenge

Really, life in today-world has become a living hell.

Chaos, stupidity, conflict at all levels, neurosis, inner and outer disorder, psychic discomfort, unspeakable inner turmoil, spiritual and material shortage, greed and stinginess, ugliness of the worst kind taken for beauty, mendacity, hypocrisy and pretense, hollowness, absence of sense.

What is worst, is the blatant absence of genuine relation, total disinterest for the other, indifference to “whatever is not mine”, indeed, MAN HAS BECOME TOTALLY AUTISTIC.

It is hopeless: whatever you do, you feel you cannot reach the other, nothing impresses, no matter how articulate, skilful or subtle you are.

What is conspicuous, is that Emotion has become taboo.

As Life is Emotion, it is obvious that MAN WANTS TO BE DEAD.

“Death is my virtue, I don´t want to feel, I want to be numb, left alone. If you interfere and dare make me feel, awake my conscience, I´ll severely punish you”, that´s the tacit message.

All this stuff that humanity is on the verge of great transformation is kindergarten story.
Unsubstantiated New Age gibberish for gullible fools.

Let´s face it: IT IS BAD.


When you have the guts to dispassionately see and admit how things really are, when you lucidly grasp that Man is nowadays morally and spiritually bankrupt and insane, then and only then, you can be ready for A REAL CHANGE.

You realize that you are ready to give up any sense of man-made authority. That means that DESPITE the bankruptcy of this distressed age, you can see THROUGH and BEYOND.

To see “through and beyond” means to have the guts of facing and assuming this factual state, leaving behind “humanity” and accepting your loneliness, and establish A REAL RELATION TO INEFFABLE SELF. 


Oneness is beyond belief, conformity or authority.
Oneness is your courage to give up your false humanity.


Yes, once you have established a veritable relation with “the Unutterable”,

In this imperishable relation to Self, even if this world would fall apart, you would still remain unaffected, composed and well.