The phoney story of “me”

The most horrendous and incurable disease is the
overrated significance you ascribe your ego.

The more ensnared you are in your specific life history
the more incurious and uninterested you are in the others…
In turn, the others are solely concerned about themselves.

No wonder there is no public space nowadays:

Everything has become a sum of non-encounters.

And where there is no encounter, there is only failure.

The biggest lie

We have been taught that “everyone has to choose a career, to be someone, to do something”…- that everyone must necessarily fight and defeat the other. But this highly subversive and false existential attitude which only considers the other as an “enemy”,
fosters a totally wrong way of living – fundamentally distorted and distorting.


Because fighting the other, makes you a stranger. When you struggle, you do not get to find out Who you are…And only in relation to each other, will you get to know yourself in a proper way.

That is why, a life worth living requires a new, more wholesome approach…A new beginning which entails communion and healthy togetherness…

Something which is useful equally for yourself and the other…