Selfishness is blind, as it can not see the other

If we are individually selfish we´re going to be collectively selfish – that is, blind to each other.

This very sightlessness is what we label as “relation”. After all, relation is nothing but negotiation. “I love you very much” means actually “I negotiate with you very much so that you please my ego.”

Evil and selfishness are synonymous

As long as we are untruthful to ourselves hurting ourselves, we are hurting the others, transgressing the laws of Love

Do you ever feel as though you are all on your own and there is nobody to help you?

Just how I have been feeling lately… irritated, trapped. Yet I am not on my own – partner, family, friends… so how can I be feeling ‘on my own’? Is it selfishness? In wanting to ‘break free’ to scream, lash out, rage, am I doing disservice to my family? Is it selfish to feel this way? Or is it – perhaps – enlightened? To admit these feelings, to own them, to feel the truth of them?
Everything around me irritates me – the shops with their useless shinies designed only to part us from money; the passing conversations of those fallen/falling prey to such consumption; the tv ads, the little cliques of mothers…
All is Illusion. How does one deal with knowing illusion, when all others still see nothing but the illusion?


We are afraid to fully admit how lonely we are. We are horrified to get evidence for what we already know, that´s why we don´t express the truth.

Do you feel “on your own”?…No one but you can answer that. There is no other way than plunging into this very question.

Ask yourself that: Does choking your natural emotions bring any benefit to those near you?

It is not in the least “selfish” to express your spontaneous truth. The risk is huge though to stand for yourself, as those around us cannot engage in an intimate and meaningful dialogue, and they usually sanction and demean us for being honest. They will discard us exactly just the way they were once discarded.

In my case, every time I try to speak with my girl-friend about impending matters, she raises the voice, making me feel guilty for posing those questions.
If we split, I am afraid to feel even more lonely. But this is sheer self-delusion,
as I am already on my own, as she cannot take the truth of who I really am.

Everybody is unfolding his agenda. There is no real contact, because the only thing we know is to lie to ourselves, to be in constant fear of the consequence of openly stating our truth.

What kind of true relation can we speak about, as we irretrievably hide ourselves?…

So again:

In not breaking free, not lashing out, not letting out your rage, you are above all doing a disservice to your Self. And as long as you hurt yourself, you hurt those near you.

So it is not selfish but really enlightened to admit these feelings, to own them,
to feel the truth of them.

To not be really alive, to constantly hide our potential, frustrating ourselves of our natural urge indulging in a self-demeaning role, is highly upsetting. How can you be other than irritated?

You are tired of everything around because all people around are engaged in the same phony masquerade.

As to your last question: “How does one deal with knowing illusion, when all others still see nothing but the illusion?”

Don´t “deal” because trying to deal you reinforce the distance between you and what you feel urged to do. You – like me – are very near a burst. It will come…resisting it, means disease.

To confront those around us may create a more truthful contact, or a final rupture. We don´t know, but the risk is worth taking. Otherwise we will indulge in an insidiously dark and mediocre existence.

I repeat: as long as we are untruthful to ourselves, hurting ourselves, we are hurting the others, transgressing the laws of Love.

Do you ever feel as though you are all on your own and there is nobody to help you?

I highlight here some of the most conspicuous questions in Kenneth´s post The Cult of Individualism. His writing is insanely accurate and poses exactly the questions that people blatantly refuse to ask.

“I came across a ton of people who felt as though they were‘all on their own’. Whether it was due to the pressures of life, work, raising a family, or fill-in-the-blank, many felt that there was nobody they could turn to for .

Why do so many people feel disconnected? Why do so many people feel lonely? Why are so many people using alcohol or drugs to alleviate these feelings?

Don’t we have the responsibility to ask what is going on in the Western World that is not going on in other cultures?

What I am often really referring to is a very simple vice that we are all familiar with: selfishness.

Thomas Jefferson noticed a tendency among the fledgling nation he helped to create and wrote, “Self-love is no part of morality.  Indeed it is exactly its counterpart.  It is the sole antagonist of virtue leading us constantly by our propensities to self-gratification in violation of our moral duties to others

Let’s be honest with ourselves, Western Society is crumbling all around us; celebrities are worshipped, people pop pills, fractured relationships are commonplace, depression and loneliness run rampant……Yet instead of seeing these problems and coming together to work towards solutions….too often we have an attitude that it’s ‘every man and woman for themselves “(end of this resume)

I for one am not ashamed to admit that I too feel that I am totally on my own in this world. Even those who claim to be near me, are not. I am surrounded by cowards. People who assume nothing. Who never dare to go in-depth with anything, ever excusing themselves for lack of time, which is nothing but lack of interest. No, let´s face it: NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW ANYTHING for real. No one dares to question, as if the ongoing drama doesn´t regard them. Indeed, we are all part of this evil scenario, yet we all play innocent. 

Can we all have an open dialogue about this? Or are you too going to discard these questions as not being your business?


You are cool , you see no one around you .
But in vain you show yourself and look to be admired . The others are as blind , lonely and selfish as you are .