SENSE can never be found “later”

Either you feel It now, or you never will.


… – provided that Mind is not there to judge.

Sense is senselessness and senselessness is Sense

Thing is that if you want the true meaning of life, you have to somehow defect from the prevalent Sense society, education and your parents have provided you with. More accurate would be – force-fed you with.

The inherent immemorial societal heritage which is taken for “logic”, seen from a different outlook, is a total nonsense. The unquestionable relation between things, that is, the indisputable tacit value and meaning ascribed to everything, is eventually nothing but arbitrary bunkum conveyed from generation to generation. Once you see the truth of this, you implicitly see the nonsense of it.

And seeing the nonsense of this makes you free. You are free to see clearly that the current logic is built on necessity. Necessity which mostly is another word for fear.

If necessity is fear, Freedom is another word for Sense. Instead of seeing Life as Necessity, you see it as Wonder. As the baffling Miracle it is.

LIFE…- this cosmic ineffably grand movement whose mighty Sense is not Fearing, but Living and Loving…

These are not “mere words”

Man´s greatest fear is the encounter with his invisible self.

Unless you come in contact and realize the eternal, imperishable you,
everything will be totally devoid of sense.

No more, no less.

The whole book is in the title

A Mirror in the land of the Mirror-less.

Meaning is knowledge

Cornelius Agrippa says:

I think the question of what God is, is related to the question of who we are. That has to be
a practical question.
I think our lives are meaningless except to the extent that we give them meaning. That has to start on a
small-scale – in the moment-to-moment things we do and in each interaction with another human being and even to details like how we wash a cup or sweep a floor.


Life, real life, is Meaning felt each moment.

In that immediate “knowledge” every single detail makes sense – like seeping the floor or washing the coffee cup.

The same goes for human interaction. If there is reciprocal meaning, there will be communion too. Participation in Sense…

Unfortunately, the sum of people´s life – society today – feels devoid of meaning. And due to this absence of meaning in interpersonal connexion, – absence of both individual and collective relation to Self – we have this hollow age, which obviously cannot offer anything beyond its limited pragmatism.

Pragmatism without metaphysical connection leads inevitably to nihilism.

And there can never be any Sense in Naught…

About meaning and purpose

I will re-post this as it really makes sense:

Richard sent me this

“Ego is the unobserved mind that runs your life when you are not present as the witnessing consciousness, the watcher. The ego perceives itself as a separate fragment in a hostile universe, with no real inner connection to any other being, surrounded by other egos which it either sees as a potential threat or which it will attempt to use for its own ends.”

Eckhart Tolle

Real money is flow and motivation – an answer to Richard

You see Richard I am not flirting with Busy, I am really flirting with Truth here on Mirrors of Encounters. 🙂
Only truth strengthens us:
To speak honestly from the heart is the purpose of me writing here. Conversation about these life-matters are unspeakably vital. Many people resign often cause they are short of real conversations.

Finding yourself is value. Liberation. Sense. That kind of sense that money only, never can buy…
Everything is so new, so sometimes I am overwhelmed by not being able to really grasp the newness of it all… This “New Truth” has turned me upside down.

But the great thing is that I´ve never before felt so unshakably certain, joyful and anchored.
Grateful and focused. Motivated.
Real money is Energy, Flow and Motivation. Clarity! Lightness of being. MONEY CANNOT BE DISSOCIATED FROM SENSE. And alas, that´s what happens in society today: Money is compensation for lack of sense…This paradigm has to change.

I don´t have a “method” as to how it goes practically, but I know money will pour – once you are centered in a new swifter perception.

In a way we are like Columbus, not seeing yet the shore BUT KNOWING IT IS THERE. We are still on the unknown waters so every single movement matters.


Speak up, it is all about you

Really, there is no point pretending things are better than they are: we find ourselves in critical times. The ones who represent us, our so-called leaders have gone berserk. They have no clue to anything, they are totally out of touch with ongoing reality, a bunch of cowards totally exceeded by the present state of affairs.

Of course, they will tell you that everything is under control. Do we still want to buy their stupid lullabies, or is it about time to question things crassly, lucidly considering what is going on, taking due responsibility for what we see…?

Understand that there is no one “out there” to take care of you, but you. Can´t we once and for all stop behaving like kindergarten children and face life from a more mature standpoint? Do we care so little about ourselves to let us be fooled, lied to, controlled and manipulated in this flagrant manner?

Do you consent to be constantly humiliated, deprived of dignity and sense, dependent to live an absurd, meaningless and twisted existence, just because you are afraid to see WHO YOU ARE, afraid to realize your maturity and greatness…?

Aren´t you tired to swallow these ubiquitous lies about everything, just because you refuse to grow and rely on your common sense and true humanity?

Yes, I am aware that my words now feel maybe preposterous and misplaced, but I find no other more appropriate way to make my point:

Life is not a stupid story, you are not a random character in some daft scenario invented by some shrewd impostors. You are not here to entertain or be entertained in their mendacity. Get rid of all demeaning propaganda,  YOU ARE HERE TO LIVE – to flourish is your only obligation to yourself. But in order to be alive, you have to question both the collective fear and your own.  You can no longer flee your responsibility of being a Cosmic Creature, a partaker of a grand design, the builder of true destiny.

I tell you: there is nothing to lose, you can be threatened as long as you are afraid. Throw away your fear, BE YOURSELF AND SPEAK UP!!