Human nature

They turn everything into distance, into an unreachable object of desire, in order to continue their agonizing dream of separation.

In plain English, Suffering is man´s utmost Love.

The insane ego pondering

“My worst fear is that I am you…like you…in relation with you. So I fiercely refuse to admit that we are One – that we share the same Drama…- that your pain, loss and problems are also mine.

I thus obsessively empower and re-enact my being SO different from you, so that I can maintain the magical lie of being special – that is, separated from you.

Don´t you ever come near me.


As Fear is my Idea of Succes, I am entitled to defend my fear

“It is difficult to define oneself without thinking in terms of separation from a whole. If living an ego-less life means merging with others, then the collective consciousness as a ‘whole’ has to thus change as well. We are living in an age where the collective consciousness – the whole – has been replicated and replaced with a collective goal: Success.

Change occurs only when we understand the intrinsic nature of thought.

Where there is thinking, there is consequently separation. Strife. Competition.

Thought is the outcome of all yesterdays, that is, the constant reinforcing of past Experience. Experience is the derivative of Fear. Fear in its turn perpetuates itself through obsessively entertaining and struggling to enhance a false center: the separate ego.

Thinking creates the illusion of the separate ego. Thinking, basically is invariably defending its dreamed boundary: MINE.

Look at the relation between Mine, Fear, and Success.

What we term as “success” is intimately associated with a horrid misunderstanding, as it stems from and overstates the idea of conflict between me and you.

Can you see that “mine” and “me” is the beginning of suffering, and that basically ME – the separate ego – directly warrants my right to defend my fear? My suffering, my depression, my aggressiveness, my right to use violence against “you”.

As Love to me is just another side of fear, Fear is thus my God.

Yes…I am entitled to be violent against you as long as I defend my success – my distinct limit -, even if that means relinquishing you. Ultimately, I have the right to relinquish myself too, as long as I equate fear with success.

Can you finally tell me where this “me” and “mine” starts and ends?…
After all:

Is there a separate “me” without “you”, other than in the fabric of my illusion?

I call myself “me”, but you call me “you”… – really, at what point do I become “me” and when am I “you”?

We have to give up the false assumption that Life is Separateness

Life is never one-sided.

But our thought is. Likewise our perception of ourselves and everything around us.
That´s the main problem of thinking basically: I choose “this”, on the expense of “that”.

We can´t imagine that a thing is both “this and that”…

Our choice is uncritically taken as the only valid assumption. Meaning that we inertially take our deliberate option as “The Thing”. It is clear that whatever we observe is biased by our ingrained one-sidedness.

Either you are a scientist, or a poet. To be a poet and a scientist doesn´t make you a reliable professional.

If I as a musician paint, compose or write and have scientific interests besides, turns me automatically into a suspicious character.

Stupidity consists of many things, but in this context, stupidity is always one-sided.

In fact, the beginning of stupidity is to be found in the shameless presumption of “either-or”. Either down or up. Stay or go. Christian or Buddhist. The list can continue interminably…

Truth of the matter is that we are irrevocably stuck in either-or and neither-nor.
In vapid concepts. Language too, may be our curse.

Most assuredly, an apple is not a pear, of course, a man is not a woman.

The problem is that thinking suspends the Natural Unity of Life – it sees the apple totally separated from the pear, the child from the “grown-up”, the woman from man.

With other words, another insidious side of stupidity is to be stuck in category-thinking. Further on – and this is the most scary characteristic for most people:


This falling short of seeing things in intrinsic relation is appalling. It is actually our doom.


We are supposed to mount but not descend, win and never lose, act obsessively without relaxing, go away but never come back.

The worst outcome of this delirious misconception is Progress – as in economic growth.

Growth can also mean tumor. Isn´it obvious? – We have totally bought ourselves into maintaining and fueling disease. Everybody with common sense sees the relation between economic growth and sickness – growth as a rampant bloating of fragmentation and disunity.

“Day-living” is our only zany answer. Night – as a metaphor for Mystery and Unknowing, the zone where our definitions are invalid – scares us. Too spooky. Too uncontrollable. 

This stupid idea of separateness has turned our life into an unbearable and absurd wasteland. In the absence of the Ineffable – the Wholeness of Being – and due to becoming explicitly rational, human relations have been ruined: man has become woman´s worst foe, and woman man´s worst nightmare.

Not being able to relax and come back to themselves, people live in total agony. Not being IN RELATION to anything, they cut themselves off from any reasonable living.

Lonely wretched strangers going nowhere.

To conclude.

Everything falls back to a wrong perception of Life.

Namely, THE ONE-SIDEDNESS OF THOUGHT, which breeds Separation, Fragmentation and Lack of Relation.

Fragmentation is the sickness of the Soul.

The enormously stupid and baleful assumption that Life is Separation is our death sentence.

There is not much of an option. We have to renounce this disastrous delusion and heal, embracing Wholeness.

Everything is in vivid relation to everything.

Is marriage a blessing or a curse?

“What do you think? Are long-term friendships, marriages and other such possible?

What is the key to making them work?”

My comment:
I am being really honest here, I don´t know why “marriage” was invented at all. My mother in her moments of lucidity admits that “marriage is like a barrel: on the top honey, underneath shit.” Really, the marital institution doesn´t rhyme at all with life´s natural course.

It is an affront against common sense.

I have seen all too many examples: married couples remaining together due to fear and habit, due to a false sense of security, often, due to sheer cowardice. Of course, my words would surely be found offensive by all traditionalists, but I simply don´t care.

Why love a single person throughout your life…?

This sounds utopian, but If we had a sane and healthy community where Truth and Emotional Nearness would prevail, we wouldn´t make such an unnatural and crazy commitment to a single person. We would naturally love, enjoy and take care of each other, without written contracts or stupid egotic boundaries.

Everyone knows this, but they all refuse to acknowledge:


EGO IS THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL and marriage is the institution where Ego and Separation is promulgated by law…
Marriage is where all violence, bigotry and conflict arises: “us against them”…My family, my clan, my nation…-ego, ego, ego…

As long as man restricts himself to live in the narrow limits of his ego, married or
not married, he will turn this life into hell.

Parasitism versus Humanity to others

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’. It also means
I am what I am because of who we all are‘.

“If I was to practice ubuntu, every parasite in my community would exploit,
abuse and misuse me.”

I HAVE BEEN CONFRONTED WITH THIS MYSELF, so I will not be playing with
words here, for the sake of indulging in inane sophistry.

The question is this:

Who wants really to abuse and misuse you?

Let´s take a look:

Who is the parasite?…
WHAT turns him into a parasite? Why is he obsessively reinforcing this behaviour?
Is he the torturer or the victim? Or both…?

You say: “I aspire to ubuntu, but I have strict boundaries.”

Isnt it so? Everyone who aspires has strict boundaries.

If you aspire to ubuntu, – in fact, to anything – you create a distance between you and that very “ideal”. You aspire, it means you are not there; as long as you act according to an agenda, you have to defend this “aspiring” CREATING STRICT BOUNDARIES.

Can you see the inherent conflict? Defending yourself from whoever, creates conflict,
as you defend your ideal, your right to become something. You are defending an
imaginary virtue – YOUR IDEA. In this case, your idea of Ubuntu.

Conflict is created by the Ideal itself. IDEAL IS IDEA!

Our so-called virtue, our very aspiring is the Parasite we are not willing to acknowledge.
Where there is conflict, becoming and aspiring, inherently we will find this awful Parasite…
It is within you, within us all…

Where there is Ideal, there is aspiration, separation, there is struggling, there is parasitism.

Love does never need “to become”…Love does not need an agenda as where
there is Love, everything is enacted naturally..

Wherever there is Love, there is Ubuntu.

Only the nameable can be stated, never ther highest reality


Letting go of mind” is my priority, my focus. Intellectually, I get what you are saying. We’ve all had many moments out of Time and Mind, so what makes it so “difficult” to “stay” there? I am driven by the fact that I know my Liberation is already accomplished; my most frequent mode is to be grateful and just float in Awareness, watching the illusory fall away. Gratefully, I know nothing, am sure of nothing, am empty and waiting to be filled. I strobe in and out of Awareness, yet I am at Home in Heaven. Just observing as the lies fade away.

Quite a synchronicity. As it happens, I wrote this little post the other day about understanding:

“If you say you understand it intellectually, it means that you don´t understand it at all.”

If you are hungry, no matter how intellectually I would depict a great dinner for you, that wouldn´t help you, so I´d better give you a piece of bread, to still your hunger.

Intellect is like depicting a dinner. Reality is that we have to eat…- well, at least
in this dimension. 🙂

You have to be really hungry in order to understand. I am not implying you are not. I am just emphasizing that when Mind claims to understand, it totally misunderstands the whole thing.

Mind is misconception, as it directly derives from separation. What is separated can never see anything clearly.

You know that the egoic mind is very cunning. It can give itself as the highest authority. Practically, time and again, we fall victims of our projections and self-delusions.

Illusion is incredibly skilful to pass as Truth. We can think we are Home, but that can be just another subtle self-deception.

EGO IS VERY SHREWD!! Ego can play God, I think you know that by now…

Liberation is not a static goal, something to strive for. Self doesn´t have a clear address, that´s why “priority” and “focus” cannot never “yield” it, cause then we indulge in sheer dualistic thinking. Priority and focus are just some other names for projection.

We have all glimpses, but we cannot “stay there”. Ego turns everything alive into a memory to possess!! ONLY THE NAMEABLE CAN BE STATED, NEVER THE HIGHEST REALITY WHICH HAS NO NAME.


“Letting go of my mind” is Mind fooling itself…Let go of “priority”, let go of focus, let go of any intent, cause that empowers the mind´s conditioning.

Just impartially observe.

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The epoch of Ego and Fear

Fear seems to be our curse. Fear breeding isolation and absence.

Distance to anything. Indifference, callousness…Self-sufficiency.

Due to this exponentially growing fear, we no longer observe and get to know
anything for real, we always touch things superficially, never deepening anything,
eventually, learning nothing new.


We run, and run…crying for Love but craving for more fear.

We go obsessively from failure to failure. From repetition to repetition.
Never assuming anything veritable. The same witless, nonsensical “me, me, me”
in different wearisome disguises.

The bigger the fear, the more the ego stands out. In its raw Stupidity.

This is the age of Fear. Of Ego. Of Separation. Of ubiquitous Desolation.
Of Gluttony.


Humanity recklessly consuming its own body. Reversed cannibalism.

Nothing flourishes anymore. Except Boredom. And Numbness.

Numbness taken for ideal.

Fear seems to be our share. Our virtue. Our pride.

The icon of our ego.

Nothing of big value can ever be explained. It can only be intimated.

Separation can never grasp the Whole.

Irrespective of being sometimes “right”, Reason sees whatever it wants to see…as it cannot grasp Oneness. Different points of view remain just that: points of view…

The path to Truth is the pathless Path.

Ain’t we all doomed then!…

Oh yes,
Within the narrow bounds of our “humanness” living separate lives, indeed we are.

Only when having the courage to no longer commit to any particular idea or point of view, letting go of the known, thus “losing” and abandoning ourselves completely, then we may glimpse beyond duality…

That´s our only salvation…

And this solution – this idea – coming from the doomed humanity?!

If utter “hopelessness” is still an idea…then of course, it´s just a fake solution…
Learning to die every second isn´t…

He: Fake solution…
Utter hopelessness is an option to choose. Not the only option.
We might as well continue
the way we have been, not chasing after every new fad. So many options …
What’s the proof for your idea that “dying every moment isn’t”?
Or it’s just a gamble?

Let´s put it like this:

If you were attacked by a hungry tiger, or a car was about to smash you,
do you have then “options”, or one single…namely, to fully confront the moment finding
an immediate way to deal with it?…

That single Choiceness is the utter hopelessness of facing What is. A matter of life and death.

Our hopelessness is the very fact that we don´t recognize the inherent danger of living with “choice”…We think we have “time”…- and so we irretrievably flee into choice avoiding confrontation…

We always chase some gain, even when we intend to “lose” it all… – even when we use similar words like “hopelessness”.

There is no proof.

There is no gamble either. We can gamble only at the level of “either-or”.

The cessation of “either-or” is a leap of faith.

Or un-faith.

The Quest Beyond Mind

One thing is highly obvious:

We are the slaves of our mind. The slaves of our conditioning. Mind as such is
our very conditioning, mind intrinsically meaning separation.

You cannot possibly solve any of your problems, as what we call “solution” creates and even enhances the already existent inward conflict, as conditioning cannot work upon itself.

Can you see that your Mind itself is the problem maker?… 

Mind cannot see anything clearly, as mind is fragmentation – whatever it considers,
is its constant projection. The essence of mind is thus illusory, it is by definition totally out of touch with reality.

This applies both individually and collectively.

When a number of deluded minds create at some point a certain reality-pattern,
this becomes in due time  “unquestionable”: tradition, law, belief and morality systems, religion and all kinds of must-s, and this – from the beginning – arbitrary deception, is invariably played out and imposed on you.

This is your very legacy transmitted through generations through your mother´s milk, and this heritage lies very deeply in your subconscious.

Being your identity, it is therefore an inhumanly arduous task to impartially see this immemorial conditioning as a vicious legacy, and eventually let go of it.

Only when mind stops, Reality makes itself known to you in its unadulterated splendour.

Presently, there are no longer any real enlightened masters on this planet to guide
you through and out of 
this vicious labyrinth.

You are on your own. Groping in the dark. The only help you can get in this quest, is your Inner Voice and certain initiatory sagas and myths. 

They will come your way, if you have the guts to initiate this process of finding
your true nature.

None of the existing “prophets” of today will tell you, but know that you will face innumerable ordeals along this journey, as archetypes and these inner energetic patterns have an autonomous existence, and they do everything in order to
sabotage and prevent you from your purpose.

Yes, this is the pathless path…

Only the courageous will make it.