Beware of impostors

I cannot stop being surprised.

There are so many fools, who can say one good and “intelligent” thing after the other. Quoting, even writing great texts. It is mind-blowing to realize that many REALLY BELIEVE, that by saying something great and astounding, they become instantly extraordinary persons. Taking the least effort in the pursuit of something real?…Oh no, give me a break, who needs that…?

Yes, many think it´s enough to speak of grace, virtue, beauty, religion, art, celestial music – you name it… – they simply imagine that quoting da Vinci and Einstein, makes you a formidable person, a genius.

The world is full of these delirious loons. Although they have no substance, in due time they grow to belive in their sham, so they kind of “become” the ideal they so eagerly chase. The danger with these idle dorks is that they are so skilled in mimicking value, sentiment, they can play even misunderstood victims needing your help and empathy, indeed they seem so natural, so versed in their “skill” so oftentimes I have been fatally misled.

Really I don´t know what it is required to see through these counterfeits, you need almost an inhuman discernment not to let yourself be deceived.

The worst part of this is that this dexterous swindlers can be successful writers, philosophers, public figures, known statesmen, people who you commonly look up to.


They can be ordinary people who are so “victimized” and ask for your help. The best example:

A girl I met some month ago – she seemed genuine, talking with ease about literature, art and music, simply, she gave you the impression of being a sincere decent, rather lonely person, I felt sympathy for her trying to help.

It showed some weeks later, that she is a total hypocrite, a disjointed and incoherent neurotic, a deceitful nutcase.

Hence, don´t ever believe in anything! People who seem nice and educated, who are supposed to do good, can be more evil and perverted than you can ever imagine. The world looks as it does, because of these all too many

It takes time to build trust.