I talk but remain silent

And stand still even if I move…

There are almost no people with whom you can share silence…

That´s why I love to be on my own.

Words and Silence

Every time we talk, we reiterate and strengthen the past. Why? Because word is memory, conditioned experience, the image we hold about ourselves through all our yesterdays. Word is thus the known – our security. And security is the other side of fear. If we want to grow and undergo renewal, we have to have the courage to be silent. To “practise” Silence. To let go of word. And letting go of the spoken word, we let go of fear – of the false image we think we are.

We simply need to learn to be silent. In Silence you realize you are not the dream of your yesterdays.

Following words by Michael K. Marsh are truly enlightening:

“Silence invites us to repent from the need to justify, explain, and defend; from the need to be recognized, heard, and approved of; from the need to be accomplished, efficient, and productive. Silence creates space. (This spaciousness) allows us to listen with our heart rather than our ears. Nothing needs to be said. Nothing needs to be done.

All is well.”

Silence is also conversation

– Ramana Maharshi

To a sleeping Rose

Your Night breeds Silence

Everything is dormant

Even Hypnos is asleep

So the enchanted gardens

Only bells are sighing from afar…

You dream me back into my dream

I dream you back into your dream

Silence makes the story

Many musicians simply get stuck in tones.
They don´t listen.

Writers fall victim to their verbal skill.
They don´t follow.

It is the power of Silence which makes the Music
worthwhile…- the Story alive.

Let´s hear each other.

Let´s follow the Story.

Who are we beyond our images?

Sometimes I don´t feel like talking. There are moments when words feel like a ban.
It is so rare these days to share silence with someone, without feeling

They say that in Tibetan language there is a specific word for sitting in silence
together, “smelling” each other, before any words are uttered.

To smell each other´s silence. So fantastic.

We by contrary, are so obsessed with ceaseless wording. How could we ever hear each other’s words, if we don’t take in each other’s silence? We talk compulsively, drowning each other in meaningless noise.


Because basically we fear the other.
Indeed, we are afraid of each other´s silence, as we are ashamed of our fear we see in the other. We are subsequently killing each other with more or less intelligent concepts and inane sophistry, because we are afraid to know in-depth, to feel genuinely, to confront anything for real. “What I can´t control scares me”, they tacitly say.

Openness scares.

Openness, being imponderable, cannot be subsumed, and is therefore,
beyond control. Openness is amoral, a threat to our stereotypical approach.

A child is still permitted to be open. But if you, as a “grown-up”, take the risk of being open in whatever encounter, having no specific agenda other than pleasure to share a moment of leisure and mutual discovery, then God forbid – there is something fishy about you. “Improper behaviour. It´s not civilized to be yourself.”

You can´t be open and honorable, oh no. For sure, you must have a hidden plan.


To all these suspicious morons I would like to say:

What´s in it for you to be such stupid, petty-minded thralls, WHY DO YOU HATE TO BE FREE?…

Freedom…- our worst fear…

Yes, we are afraid to be free, to be ourselves. Afraid to accept one another beyond
projection – for who are we without these emotional and intellectual images of each other…?

How true…

He who doesn´t understand your silence
will probably not understand your words.

-Knowledge of Today

To be added that those who fear your silence will fear your words too.

I want to speak in silences


“When I am silent, I fall into that place where everything is music.”