Writing blocks and how to retrieve one´s creativity

It has been years that I have been waiting for this writing block to crumble down through some miracle or itself. I have fairly good ideas but they don’t appear extraordinary. Since some month I got involved with Carl Jung and I decided to cleanse my mind First…

Different inner complexes – seemingly insurmountable obstacles – prevent your creativity to flourish. Let it simply be that way: Start exactly where you are, with exactly what you have.

True creativity is about simplicity. About ridding oneself of all expectation and comparison. A friend of mine said that comparison is the thief of happiness. It´s actually the thief of self-worth…- I´d like to add. It´s about a soothing reassurance that in spite of all existing books, great writers, “knowledge” of any kind, so on and so forth, if we think it over, Nothing has been ever said. Really…Unlike what society wants you to believe, there is no Authority. So dare start from Nothing – as Life is eternally “empty”…Eternally renewing itself…running further in graceful pace…

We are so oriented to deliver, so keen to reach a result, so overly strained, so we end up in self-flagellation.

So the gist is to become so freed from wanting to achieve, and instead replace expectation with the miracle of immediate inspiration. That sort of inspiration may urge one to look and perceive differently…and in this new space one realizes that A WORD said in great love to the moment, may mean something to oneself. A tone…A color…That word/color/tone feel like a rich promise…It grows by itself if it´s entirely received… So even when what comes out are some loose words, you write them down. Let the process unfold…without putting any further pressure on yourself.

No matter what others say, the inherent meaning must be immediately recognizable within you. And in that awareness allow one´s creativity to blossom. This is what I can share with you after years and years of barrenness…

A second of that ineffable perceived Meaning may be more worthwhile than anything else…

We run away from our Immanent Simplicity

…always seeking somewhere else what has been within us all along…

Can we ever go beyond the ways of our condtioned mind?

Thought means inertia. That´s why, even when thought is trying to question itself, that very process is nothing but further thinking. Further defense…

It is something else within us – let´s call it objectless observation – with the help of which, we can inquire into the insidious mechanism of our mind.

“If we already think it is ‘insidious’, is that inquiring?” – Jone asked.

Obviously, one of the most favorite subterfuges for the mind is semantics. We can get lost forever in different interpretations, can´t we?…

The ways of the conditioned mind are indeed “insidious” – it´s the least one can say…

To see clearly and be aware of the erratic “mind-maze” is to inquire.

Simplicity – which is disidentifiation from its eternal roundabout – requires great courage and lucidity. It is to access that very reality which is not conditioned by any function of the brain…

February 22nd – turning 5

Oh, if we could remind us to celebrate life…
If not every moment, but now and then
during the day…

Yes, a little more Joy.
A little more childish trust and
healthy naivety.

A little more simplicity, generosity
towards yourself,
and the ones you meet on your way…

We easily forget…

Far too often, we fall victims of our “human” shortages
resenting everything, indulging in sorrow, pain
and despondency,
in fruitless guilt and regret,
bitterly complaining, forgetting the sky inside
and above us,
yes, forgetting To Love.

To love is to dare feel Joy…the simple joy
of trusting and opening to Life.

The Joy of gratitude…

I feel this joy now, this gratitude of
sharing these very words together with you
through endless time and space.


The Mirror-less, unfathomable simplicity of non-knowing…

That´s it my friends

It has taken me 49 years to come to this point…I have suspected for the last 15 years that
things were the way they are, but there was no one to acknowledge this highly uncommon “knowing”…

Long ago, a friend of mine got his recognition under a tree.
Mine was given tonight in a locker room at the gym…isn´t this immensely amusing…?

As of today I know that I know…:)

What is this “knowledge”…? Here it is:

It doesn´t matter if you are a billionaire, or a beggar, a thief or a “saint”, it is the same if you can speak 100 languages or not utter a single word, it´s the same if you can travel back and forth in the whole Universe, or stay on the same spot…You can succeed or fail…The Universe doesn´t care, It doesn´t love more the scientist than the wretched…

You can master or know whatever is to know and it doesn´t mean a thing, or you can be absolutely “no one” and you can find the meaning of it all…A genius, or a total ignorant, a fool or president of the country… – you can be everything or nothing – it is the same…

Nothing counts – everything counts…Everything exists and Nothing exists. YOU EXIST!…

You are loved beyond comprehension. You come from Infinite Joy…Your breath is the most precious evidence that You exist…JUST KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED! – relying on this love, you can choose whatever makes you happy. Remember, choose out of this Love!
YOU ARE ALREADY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR…But mostly you don´t know this…

The Universe doesn´t need you “to become” or “be someone”…YOU ARE SOMEONE, this is you real legacy: YOU ARE…
You cannot “not exist”…There is no such thing as non-existence…other than your limited comprehension.

Everything is the same… You can conquer the whole world, or do nothing – it means nothing or it means
everything insofar as you realize this Love…NOW!!…This words may be a terrible blow for people´s ego…
But let it be a blow…

So my friends, I greet you with a big smile. 🙂

A word for today

Let´s keep it simple and alive!

About simplicity and quintessence

In response to my post that “Simplicity is complex” Richard comments:

Only the point of view concerning simplicity makes it complex. Simplicity itself is simple.


Do you have any idea how many hours – or days even – it takes to write a simple melody?
There is nothing wrong with complexity as long as it is quintessential.


No, I’ve no idea how long it takes to write a simple melody. But this is only psychological time :-) . It should come out of you without the use of your brain. Just from your heart and soul. Is this realistic? What do you think?

Well, I got my problems with classical music within this concern. It is often so highly complex that it’s harmony is suffering. I miss the coziness (the german word Gemütlichkeit would fit much better) within that type of music. Maybe it’s because it’s so highly sophisticated.


My thought goes to Beato Angelico – they say he was meditating and praying before starting to paint.

When it comes to composing – for that matter this applies to all “serious” creative pursuit – it is of course also a great toil alongside with inspiration…to hone, to take away, to find quintessential clarity. Think of Michelangelo carving like a fury in the icy marble…

Undoubtedly, you have the clear vision, but labour is a fact. It is the same whenever I write a text, like now… – I feel the ongoing inspiration which motivates my writing, but sometimes
it´s a hell of a job to put the right “contingent” words…so you can create the easiness and flow you´re talking about.

You are right though about the “Gemütlichkeit” in classical music – although I write at times
complex stuff -, I aspire towards a soothing simplicity, I endeavour to create that kind of pure enchanting harmony you are talking about.

An insight

Simplicity is always complex.

Simplicity and sane madness

Simplicity is lost. Stunningly and tragically true.

To see things simply and yet in a way free of convention. When that rare individual comes forward, the labels will attach – “extremist,” “lunatic.” But the crazy ones have always been our only hope.

You do sound a little crazy yourself, Julien. Carry on, please.

Who´s there to know if human reason may be sheer madness and divine madness, pure reason…I prefer for sure to be a happy lunatic, than a reasonably unhappy intellectual.

Simplicity arises in the moment of complete abondonment…it is inexpressibly easy, yet ultimately nightmarish for the ego.