It’s not healthy to uncritically adjust to a sick society

The problem with man today is that he loves so much his sickness – no wonder, disease is his safety – inasmuch as he not only repudiates Sanity, but violently thwarts it.

Wonderful world:

Unless you consent to be sick, you become a misfit.

Where communion is missing, madness is rampant

An utterly conspicuous fact

When madness is taken for prevalent normalcy,
the only operational moral code is Violence.

Ecce Homo

Modern man is ineffably hollow. And what’s worse is that he does anything to remain that way:
Devoid of humanity, of real ideas, of well-defined sentiments. But his hollowness is directly proportional to his delirious pride.

It is striking that he is very proud of the blatant absence in his own life. Proud of the feat of doing nothing veritable. Indeed, he refuses to learn anything new. He simply does not want to know. He has no honorable objectives anymore. And due to mind-blowing sufficiency, he violently refuses to admit his impotence. His existential failure.

Therefore there is no real contact anymore. Because inside of them they are all ashamed. Of not doing anything worthwhile. They therefore skilfully evade and avoid each other. That´s why nowadays there are no encounters worth mentioning. No participation. Or communion.

And where there is no genuine communion there is no life. Except vapid dissimulation, abysmal gloom and loneliness.


Art can´t possibly coexist with lack of sense and order

Bearing this in mind,

How can modern man understand artistic Expression
when his life is a series of blatant senselessness and disorder..?

I really wonder

…if not this whole age is sick
beyond any chance of recovery.

You tell me

What do you do when an entire nation has irrevocably gone awry, stubbornly and sufficiently promoting Disease, thwarting and fearing every natural and healthily spontaneus expression, taking Truth for Delusion, and Delusion for Truth…?

What is to be done in a society which simply takes Death for Life?…

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it

 – George Orwell

Pay the bill for getting nothing!

They charge you with terrible pain for the pleasure you´ll never receive.

In a Fear driven society you can never live – only survive

A dialogue between Zoe and me:

– If you wish to do, do now. Do not say I will ‘do later’ as later is not in existence!

– Quite so…A tree doesn´t set up a goal. It simply grows…

– It does not set up a goal of being ‘this tall by this year’ no…. But how in a society so ‘future driven’ do we detach ourselves from this paradigm.

– To respond in a Zen manner, when you are thirsty, you drink – without pondering on “how”. “Future driven” is Fear driven. See this fear Now, as necessary as you need water, and you will need no How. And no detachment…

– Yet how do you suppose to live in a money centric society where people are forced into creating future plans to survive? How do we achieve this? For me I usually just do the things which I feel I have to do in the moment that are vital for survival, however the Zen philosophy is one of great beauty but it relies on living in a place where that great beauty is accepted. People as young as 17 in the UK are becoming entrained to think in a money-centric future thinking style, forcing the truth of Zen to be seen as absurd as well.

 – Ok. Do you want to be “right” and remain afraid…? Be “right” and remain a victim?…Do you want to keep holding on to fear because it is “civilized” and everyone does it?…

I take it again: CONFRONT AND STAY WITH YOUR FEAR NOW. That´s the only way. That means that it is an absolute necessity to confront “your” impending problems – which is eveybody´s problem, that is, fear – as firmly as breathing or drinking. I am not saying it´s easy, cause being aware of your fear now, is dealing with collective fear…and that is overwhelming…Yet…IT IS NOT CIVILIZED TO FLEE even if they all do it. Now – the word to survive means basically to be “above life”. To survive means to fear – to be afraid of life. To resist life actually.

Tell me, is it vital to survive, OR IS IT VITAL TO LIVE?…

What happens in a society which is fear driven, is that Life in all its beauty ends up to be seen as something absurd and – to put in plain langauge – fucked up…