Who wants to admit that?…

This sounds mighty strange, but after years of close observation, I realize that people are miserable because that gives them something to do.

Sacrifice the grey for vivid colours!

Enough with witless and compliant academic morons who know nothing about life and living, who have misled us into listless cowardice.

We are in urgent need of visionaries, of inspired poets, of fearless trouble-makers – the ones who help us retrieve our dignity, courage and lofty dreams.

Nothing intimidates more than authenticity

How can you assert yourself…?

…when you are constantly
punished for the outlandish
venture of BEING YOURSELF?

If you want to evolve

…you are left all by yourself to face and confront
all the garbage they refuse to see.

The moment you are free

you obviously become a danger to society, to organized religion, to all the rotten things that exist about you.

It is only the free mind that will find out what is true, it is only the free mind that can be creative; and it is essential, in a culture of this kind, that importance be given, not to the following of a pattern, a doctrine, or a tradition, but to allowing the mind to be creative. But the mind can be creative only when it is free from conditioning, and such freedom is not easily come by; you have to work extraordinarily hard for it.

J. Krishnamurti


Movement without poise is Hell