We need to punish him:

He has the nerve to be alive.

Society is designed in such way that utter failure looks like great success

Only the dead are perfect

The pursuit of perfection plagues our society. I struggle with seeing it a lot in the artistic world. It has stymied way too many people I know, all afraid of pursuing something for fear of it not being perfect.

Eventually, the one afraid of doing mistakes, will never make any progress.

“Perfectionism” – or to put it in your words, “fear of not being perfect” -, is keeping the status quo, it is fear of healthy renewal, in all likelihood, a refusal to grow and get to know one´s true gift and natural ability.

Wisdom and Word – the tools against the dark and blind forces

Obviously, most people give their power away, because it is to damn difficult to find out for yourself, and so they invent some outer authority – the so-called State – which compensates the inner lack of contact with their inherent power.

MOST PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO FIND OUT THEIR TRUE DESTINY, as it is excruciatingly difficult to individuate.

It´s something like ”I prefer to bargain my life and precious energy away just to escape my not knowing how to live and respond to the immediate challenge of life. I give you my everything in order to get away from myself.

What you say is true. Also I think that (perhaps even most people) never delve that deeply into introspection as to how to best live. The follow the dictates of what “success” means in the general consensus of society and hope they can do what it takes to be successful in society, which usually amounts to material success, the outer trappings of a well-lived life. The creative, intellectual and spiritual side is lost to most people. They don’t see it as relevant or important enough. They are content with the surface of things. If they can keep up their “life style” and others do not interfere with that they are happy and if they are not happy they get an addiction of some kind to make them feel better in the short-term. Organized religion plays to this empty feeling as well and offers all kinds of feel-good thought forms.

What though, is the greater potential? Do we have one? And how best would it be put onto an evolutionary track?

I love your way of thinking, you are one of the few, very few I have met who have such courage.

I´ve always spoken out my truth, but I hardly received any resonance feeling many times that I might be totally “wrong”, that I somehow deceived myself unbeknownst.

It´s been a hell of a journey up to this point. Dante had Virgil, Odysseus had his crew…most people have someone…I had no one to guide me, someone beside me throughout these years of wondering in the underworld to tell me if I´m right or totally self-deluded.

So Word and Reflection have been my only tools to survive in these really “outlandish”
regions of being.

Now since few days, I am coming out of this Inferno and these my insights and my “way of thinking” have been the very shield against these atrociously dark and blind forces.

To use Wisdom as a key out of Hell…Yes…Wisdom is healing and restoring me…

Indeed, courage was for me a matter of survival – nothing more or less.

So, I said all this to give you a hint as to the gratefulness I feel reading your last words
in your comment:

“I love your way of thinking, you are one of the few, very few I have met who
such courage.”

I bow and say Thank You.

Retrieve your power of expression

When human beings are deprived of their power of expression, however, they will express themselves in the drive for power, which only feeds the will-to-power of the demonic and destructive shadow, with the baneful consequences we know only too well.

One of the gravest perils of western civilization arises from the fact that it cuts its members off from their natural creativity.

– Paul Levy

Is marriage a blessing or a curse?

“What do you think? Are long-term friendships, marriages and other such possible?

What is the key to making them work?”

My comment:
I am being really honest here, I don´t know why “marriage” was invented at all. My mother in her moments of lucidity admits that “marriage is like a barrel: on the top honey, underneath shit.” Really, the marital institution doesn´t rhyme at all with life´s natural course.

It is an affront against common sense.

I have seen all too many examples: married couples remaining together due to fear and habit, due to a false sense of security, often, due to sheer cowardice. Of course, my words would surely be found offensive by all traditionalists, but I simply don´t care.

Why love a single person throughout your life…?

This sounds utopian, but If we had a sane and healthy community where Truth and Emotional Nearness would prevail, we wouldn´t make such an unnatural and crazy commitment to a single person. We would naturally love, enjoy and take care of each other, without written contracts or stupid egotic boundaries.

Everyone knows this, but they all refuse to acknowledge:


EGO IS THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL and marriage is the institution where Ego and Separation is promulgated by law…
Marriage is where all violence, bigotry and conflict arises: “us against them”…My family, my clan, my nation…-ego, ego, ego…

As long as man restricts himself to live in the narrow limits of his ego, married or
not married, he will turn this life into hell.

The feminine paradox

“I’m that literary girl who mentally connect real people to fiction characters. I read poetry at the bus stop and teach French and English at the university. And that’s exactly the guys I date: illiterate guys who cannot spell a word properly and never pay anything. Thoughless and shallow guys…”

And guess what: she claims to seek love…

Presence – the ineffable here and now

Thomas Ross:
The passage, “After all, there is no map to anything,” captures so much.
I do wonder though about the call “to rebel against the present order.” I am drawn to the idea but wonder whether we “rebel” most meaningfully when we return to ourselves and deny the “present order” the capacity to trigger our reaction. I’m not thinking of retreating to a hut on the mountain, although I sometimes do yearn for isolation. I’m thinking of a strong and centered person whose actions flow from the core of his being – never reacting, always just acting.

The pathless path…the pathless land. The no-map-to-anything…The Neverland of our
true origin, 
which is just a breath away. Yes, a single breath, or lifetimes away…

Society – this present order we all know – is perpetually living and reinforcing “away”…

“Away” is the ubiquitous virtue, the only cherished and honored goal…

Away is at the basis of Ideal, that is, Idea turned into Ideal…

I have rebelled all my life against something insidiously wrong which I couldn´t formulate.

First now I realize that what I have rebelled against, was the very Ideas which have moulded our age.

I am redundant but I take it again: the foundation of our Ideas, derive from “away”.

The only thing we commit to is “away from” and “away to”.

Away meaning Absence…- non existence.

How could I ever accept to be turned into a non-existing entity? How could I not rebel
against being consigned to live in a constant “away” from myself?

So yes…struggling madly against absence, I became myself absent, I became
re-active – as there was no one around me to show what I unbeknownst was looking
for – Presence…

The mysterious unspeakable Presence, The True Land.

So it has taken me decades to have glimpses of what “here and now” entails.
To feel the secret of true aliveness.

There are strong and centered persons who act but are still absent, and there are those very few whose inner center is constellated and act in true Presence…this action is pure blessing.

So following and conforming to whatever is “mainstream” perpetuates Absence,
whereas finding your true Self, is to embrace presence.


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Who am I to you? Who are you to me?

Can you trust yourself?

The same self that has been affected by the afore-mentioned “confused confusing”
environmental factors right from childhood; and concepts of right/wrong, sane/warped
have been attacked even before some basic foundations have been laid? Without external
influences, are we even sure we would turn out fine with reliable inner voices?

Also, regarding the “society”, it is made up of people like you and I, and so may not always be wrong if individually they heed their inner voices (if this inner voice is reliably right).


Who am I…?

Is this “I” an isolated random phenomenon?…

Is what I call “my life” a subjective story shaped by my concepts of right or wrong, is my “personal experience” only my own, am I only a sum of different confusions and mishaps?

Who is there to tell?…

Who – or What – is responsible for the clear perception within me, for “my” real successes,
for the true and authentic achievements hitherto?…

What can you rely on at the end of the day, when smashing successes turn to be
failures, and failures success…?

What is there to be trusted…?

Can I know anything for real?…
Indeed, do I know myself in order to trust myself?

The question can be also posed like this:
Do I know others in order to rely on myself?

Where do “I” begin, and where does the other fellow humans “finish”…?

Likewise, where begins the “internal” and where “the external”?

If my relation to you is “warped”, how can I ever stand upright? Meaning that
in order to trust myself, I have to trust you too…cause you and me is the problem,
the real discourse…the very foundation of anything.

Consequently, where there is a steadfast foundation built on trust and reciprocity,
we would turn out fine with our reliable inner voices.

What if there was nothing to problematize on?

What if you woke up and saw that there were no ‘problems’?

It points to the attachment to problematize, which is another form of conditioning. Closely related to ‘seeking’.

It is simply attachment.

Having nothing to “problematize” on, can be very disruptive.
Indeed, for many, the absence of problems would be devastating. :D

It´s obvious: seeking reinforces the ego.

That´s why, almost no one is interested to find…or find out…