She calls herself Grace

In this very humdrum and materialistic era, her very Presence feels like a miracle. She is not aware – but she shines. Radiant waves of light beam out of her countenance. She is caring yet unassuming. Endearlingly joyous.

She manifests what the poets throughout the ages have tried to capture: wisdom, clarity, sweet elegance. Poise. And above all – Grace.

She is the embodiment of Femininity in its twofold aspects: maidenhood and motherhood.

My love – philosophy

For the ones who don´t know:
Philosophy comes from the Greek words φίλο  and Σοφία – meaning friend of wisdom.

Know though, that Philosophy – wisdom – deals not with the Abstract, as culture has so wrongly taught us.
Oh no… – philosophy is about finding practical and viable solutions NOW.