The greatest paradox

All greatness derives from it. It´s behind all noteworthy achievement.

The connexion with it bestows sense, stability and abundance. It heals all wounds. Soothes the tired heart.

IT is more Real than real…- yet beyond all conscious search.

Learn to bow

I hear you, you hear me, we hopefully hear and back each other in further “grasping”
the ungraspable…This is the precious gift of real communication.

Intellectually we can speak of thirst or hunger but it makes no difference…

We have to learn to bow…
Bowing before one another, bowing before Life…only then we can drink
directly from the Source.

Only then can we know what quenching Thirst is about. 

Let the living Source be our real goal.

Here is the naked truth

I said it before, many times I feel very insecure as I find myself expressing things not knowing if they apply at all, as almost nobody is interested to hear.

Despite the innumerable books, and so-called specialists versed in spirituality or psychology, very few venture into the real Cause, never digging deeply to the core of reality.

So here I am, confronting the things almost nobody wants to admit, things that “happen” to everybody, yet no one wants to approve.

It is hard and terribly unrewarding to undertake this seemingly impossible journey. It feels lonely like hell. Only few have the guts to take the trouble of confronting immediate reality, watching closely and putting the right words to current things.

I feel like I am totally on my own, surrounded by cowards and liars. It is worse than an ice desert. You dig with your bare hands. You try to speak out of the impending state of things, and no one will listen.

“You exaggerate, it´s not so bad” they say. But IT IS BAD… We are on the verge of bankruptcy, if not totally bankrupt already. Not only in economy but in every area of life. WE ARE IN DEEP CRISIS.

The situation is very critical and what it really makes me mad, is that almost no one wants to admit this. Because, this is in fact why things are so bad – WE REFUSE TO LOOK DIRECTLY AT WHAT HAPPENS. They all go ahead with their futile undertaking, without ever looking around comprehending that everything is intertwined – your problem is mine and my issues are yours.

Examples?…I have plenty, but I´ll  just make my point with these two: someone I know said yesterday ” I feel kind of empty, I kind of lost my motivation in life…”Let´s talk” I said amiably, it sounds like a depression.”OH NO I AM NOT DEPRESSED and besides I´m kind of busy”…Of course, he is depressed but he is not depressed…And he was very busy: I saw him later on wandering aimlessly around…

Later on yesterday, I saw a girl, poor thing, she looked as if she had just got released from a concentration camp. I was in complete shock. I swear to God, I´ve never seen before such a flagrant case of anorexia. She looked literally like a skeleton. She sat there with her father at the same spot where I was, pretending all was well. I couldn´t believe my eyes…”Am I the only one to see her predicament…?” I asked absolutely appalled someone sitting next to me.

“OH, THEY ALL SEE ALL RIGHT, IT´S JUST THAT THEY DON´T DARE TO SAY ANYTHING”, came the answer. Don´t we all do the same…?

This girl is a metaphor for our soul. We are all spiritually starved, anorexic and dying, but pretending all is well…

You feel like crying out to people – ARE YOU ALL TOTALLY NUTS…? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOU…?

Malraux put it very well – “either we are going to be religious, or we are not going to be at all”.
So here is the real crisis: YOU AND ME.

The relation between you and me. There can never exist a real relation between us, unless we both OPEN OUR HEARTS, and back each other to a sane relation to Self, to Being. ISOLATION FROM SELF MEANS DISEASE IN EVERY RESPECT! Only through contact with Self, humanity regains its humanity.

We are nothing without contact with Source. Nothing…Only dust, vanity, and superfluous rattling.

If we don´t admit this very reason for our misery and continue with this hypocrisy and these absurd and shameless lies we obstinately hold about ourselves and life, refusing to stand up and expressly claim This Imminent Truth, then we all deserve this dire fate.

A simple but far-reaching truth

All trouble, infelicity, affliction, physical and psychic disease, stem from this and only one reality:


Just a thought

What is belief ultimately? Is not “belief” the source of separation and fruitless argument? Can we go “beyond” name and belief into the nameless Source of things?

Says Leonardo da Vinci

The longing is in its quintessence the spirit of the elements, which…desires continually to return to its source.

And I would have you know that this same longing is in its quintessence inherent in nature.

What means Education?

”Education” comes from “educere” which means literrally, to bring forth what it is inside of you. So if you are a stundent, tell your teacher this truth stated here!

Knowledge is not about ingurgitating random facts. The school should help us discover WHO WE ARE! Whoever doesn´t manage to inspire you and bring forth your specific talent, is a bad teacher.

So, trust your inner voice, in the contact with your inner source  you will know what education you think you need.

Meditation, dwelling in non-thinking

There is no thinking when you are one with yourself, when you are your primordial unity.

Consequently, when you identify with your thinking you let plurality invade your soul. Plurality is contradiction, the mother of all conflicts, therfore identifying with thinking is to welcome suffering.

You are not a sum of things, a sum of virtues or of attributes, you are the source from which all things arise. Source is transcendent but immediate, the “most real” reality, as it is timeless, free…

Be One, be your source!

Dwell in the pristine reality of ONE.

Giving life

How can you give something real unless you have the right relation to yourself?
Only by being connected to your inner true source, can you give something of value to someone else, including yourself.


It can be so childishly easy…or hopelessly difficult.

When you are in touch with Source – this Living Perennial Secret of the Universe -, it no longer matters what you do; life becomes as easy as lifting your finger, as your inner state will make things happen seamlessly…gratitude will be your natural share in every step you take.

Inspiration comes swiftly and we can do incredible things when guided by this intimate contact.

On the other hand, you can study, ponder, work hard, aspire, be someone, be rich, travel, get married, divorce, go to the moon…and yet…your life will remain shallow…

Grace…not effort.

There is no human activity on this planet which will give you this ultimate ease, this ineffable sense of fulfillment and meaning.