I swear to God:

She is so overly charming so you literally want to eat her up.

I am sometimes looking through her photos and I am totally baffled. Apprehensive even…How can she have so many faces…? So many contradicting expressions…She inundates me with all these seductive stances.

I am so intimidated. What is it I know about her? What is it I don´t know?…

Always before we meet, I envision our instants together. I inevitably wonder what will be the expression with which she will greet me…What will she look and sound like, what will she wear, how will she move?…What will I see in her countenance? What will she allow me to see?…

Now and again I am anxious. Fearfully spellbound: she has the most enchanting voice I have ever heard. She can make me totally go berserk with her maddening inflexions – I lose track of everything mundane. Of reason, of time, of who I am or not am…

All my destinations have withered.

She is the most bewitching, dilemmatic and sensuous woman I have ever seen.

She is my Love. If Amor exists, It has her countenance.

The greatest challenge

Really, life in today-world has become a living hell.

Chaos, stupidity, conflict at all levels, neurosis, inner and outer disorder, psychic discomfort, unspeakable inner turmoil, spiritual and material shortage, greed and stinginess, ugliness of the worst kind taken for beauty, mendacity, hypocrisy and pretense, hollowness, absence of sense.

What is worst, is the blatant absence of genuine relation, total disinterest for the other, indifference to “whatever is not mine”, indeed, MAN HAS BECOME TOTALLY AUTISTIC.

It is hopeless: whatever you do, you feel you cannot reach the other, nothing impresses, no matter how articulate, skilful or subtle you are.

What is conspicuous, is that Emotion has become taboo.

As Life is Emotion, it is obvious that MAN WANTS TO BE DEAD.

“Death is my virtue, I don´t want to feel, I want to be numb, left alone. If you interfere and dare make me feel, awake my conscience, I´ll severely punish you”, that´s the tacit message.

All this stuff that humanity is on the verge of great transformation is kindergarten story.
Unsubstantiated New Age gibberish for gullible fools.

Let´s face it: IT IS BAD.


When you have the guts to dispassionately see and admit how things really are, when you lucidly grasp that Man is nowadays morally and spiritually bankrupt and insane, then and only then, you can be ready for A REAL CHANGE.

You realize that you are ready to give up any sense of man-made authority. That means that DESPITE the bankruptcy of this distressed age, you can see THROUGH and BEYOND.

To see “through and beyond” means to have the guts of facing and assuming this factual state, leaving behind “humanity” and accepting your loneliness, and establish A REAL RELATION TO INEFFABLE SELF. 


Oneness is beyond belief, conformity or authority.
Oneness is your courage to give up your false humanity.


Yes, once you have established a veritable relation with “the Unutterable”,

In this imperishable relation to Self, even if this world would fall apart, you would still remain unaffected, composed and well.





Says Leonardo da Vinci

The longing is in its quintessence the spirit of the elements, which…desires continually to return to its source.

And I would have you know that this same longing is in its quintessence inherent in nature.