Man and his search for the ultimate

Utterly speaking, every human being longs consciously or unconsciously for wholeness. For totality – which is the fulness and ultimate meaning of Life.

The hardest problem to fathom though is that no matter how noble or ignoble your action, totality remains eternally unattainable.
Yet it´s nearer than your breath. But simply cannot be reached deliberately. No undertaking will take you there…- indeed, no effort, goodwill, hard work or discipline.

Nothing remains the same

It´s either downwards or upwards.

That applies to the people you surround yourself with. It works unfailingly:

If you want to know how someone´s nearness influences you, watch the trajectory of your life:

It´s either good or bad luck.

Most people never find their true destiny


Because the key to their real life is given by ‘the other’.
So as long as the other is overlooked,
your inner and outer doors will remain locked.

Such paradox

Everything is equally unimportant,
taking notice and becoming aware of this
everything becomes equally important.

Look no further – the real battle is going on inwardly

It´s there you need to conquer and go beyond
the blind legacy which spawned this present-day chaos.

So either you win over the evil heritage and thus reclaim a life in light and awareness, or you´ll be devoured by monstruous undercurrents which will relentlessly drag you into numbness and torpor.

Life is beyond meaning

Daniel Litvak:
Meaning, purpose, fulfillment – like all concepts – only make sense within the dualistic context of past and future. You can say life has no meaning, or say that it is full of meaning. The point is that neither of these statements apply to life – to what is. They can only be projected on to life as an extension of mind and imagination. They refer back to the mind and the world of the Me. What is, simply is, and there is nothing true that can be said about it. It has no form, no attributes, no qualities–and can’t be described in any way. All words pass through it without landing anywhere. Even to say it is indescribable is only a pointer, not a description. So I would say it’s not so much that life has no meaning–life is beyond meaning…

I like the way you put it: “life is beyond meaning…” Indeed, beyond the meaning we ascribe it. When all search for meaning has ceased though, a miraculous nearness arises – as it were both within and without – and as far as language can convey anything, this ineffable nearness feels so utterly fulfilling to such extent that every instant is permeated with a “meaning” that surpasses anything. It´s as if raising a finger, taking a random step, or whatever you are up to, feels like bliss…Isn´t it weird? We search all our lives for something which is nearer than our very breath…

So why are we here…?

What´s the meaning of it all?…he asked me.

It´s a rather difficult undertaking to approach this stuff without lapsing into speculation. But seemingly – since we don´t have an appropriate language for meta reflection, we settle for what we have.

You may find this far-fetched and utterly nonsensical but oftentimes you kind of feel that “this world exists as a weird replica” of the real World. I can´t substantiate this logically, but luckily I found the same insight expressed in A Course in Miracles – namely that this world is an escape from Love.

And truth be said, the more I observe people and human nature, the more I realize this astounding truth: You can be absolved if you abuse, hurt, demean, torture, even kill…but humans will never forgive you for truly and unconditionally loving them.

Of course, no one will ever admit this…as denial is another name for who we are. Denial is with other words, another way of stating that this world is real, disavowing the Imperishable God´s Creation as the fabric of some deluded weaklings – the upside-down turned truth…

So…bearing this in mind, there is no meaning to something which doesn´t really
exist – namely, this world as we know it – no matter how we twist and turn it. With other words, NOTHING in this world – and I MEAN NOTHING – will bring about durable inward or outward peace, contentment or mental or emotional steadfastness – something everybody knows, but never acknowledges. It simply can´t. Because the whole idea behind this existence stems from a gigantic fake…

So…the only thing which gives meaning is the Holy Instant – that timeless gap, the
“in-between” freed from thought, becoming, that “something” beyond pursuit, aspiration or conceptualization….

What in earthly terms is considered “relation” is in most cases a non-relation

To find therefore what real Relation is about requires immense courage:
Namely to interrupt all discursive thought. To break away from all known structure.


It’s about retrieving your child mind.
Undo it all!
Unword yourself.

Relation is a state of non-cognition.

A quick thought

Meditation can not be turned into a deliberate undertaking.

As meditation is an act beyond willingness.

Beyond aim.

It promises no achievement as it has no price.

It is simply an act of no self-centeredness.

A movement beyond cause and effect.


In few poignant words…

Suffering is actually Life telling you that
you are cut off from its grand totality.