Suspend Logic and Reason for a while and let Knowledge and Beauty emerge

Funny you caught on to that and you don’t even know me. How did you know?

I know without “knowing”, – meaning that I don´t rely on my “mundane” experience – but go deeper into realms of being where things are far more interesting. Where Logic and Reason are just suspended.

From there comes my “knowledge”.

True being, the Myths, Art and True Participation with “the other” happens in that realm.

I don´t find Ego and surface either sexy or exciting.

In Fear there is no spontaneity, no true emotion.

Fear and the emotions connected to it are simply treacherous.

Fear is the obstacle which veils these inner realities – and I think you might know what I am talking about.

So courage is required to see through, question and eventually transcend Fear – as fear is the distance between you and You  – and so skilfully connect with those levels.

So from those levels I am now writing to you.

From those ineffable levels where your true skills and artistic talent arise.

So bring forth the gypsy in you, that crazy and relentlessly deep and powerful joy.

So ironic…

Eckhart Tolle was is Stockholm yesterday for a speech, and this reached
me first now.

Destiny is playing tricks on me…- it feels like…Why should I know at all…?

Really, it strikes me as highly unusual that I didn´t find out about this
earlier, that I didn´t receive a sign, that fate didn´t “notify” me somehow…

This poses the question:

Do we “miss” certain essential things in life, or the events or encounters that
are bound to happen, simply come to us…?

Quite a conundrum.

Nothing genuine is produced when there is no aliveness

I entered the piazza cafe, ordered a tea and took a sit outside. I was rather drained of all the flat and tedious people running voraciously in the shopping malls around.

The doves were flapping around in circles, filling the square with the noise of their rushing wings. So alleviating…My soul-weariness vanished instantly attending this grand and priceless performance.

No one paid attention to those birds but me.

No, you cannot set a price on the natural vividness of life. And where aliveness
as such is not recognized and heeded, NOTHING real is produced...

Before leaving the cafe, I went to the toilet. The door was locked. There was a notice:

It was free for the guests – you had to ask the staff to open -, otherwise it costed 15
Swedish kr – approximately 2 bucks.

Can you imagine this…?

Two fucking dollars to use the loo…Pure insanity…really.

The thing is that when nothing sensible is produced – because to produce something entails to be alive – the most of our basic needs become a source of income, something to capitalize on.

The bastards who govern this present society, would not shy away from inventing any diabolic method to make money on anything.

I wouldn´t be surprised if one day these jerks would decide to spread poison in the atmosphere, so that they can start selling fresh air.

We deserve them.
We have created them with our unwillingness to heed and honor life…

Zombiernas land

Svårt med Sverige…mycket svårt. I synnerhet att bo i Stockholm.

Jag var ute igår ikväll efter att ha tränat på gym, mådde bra, tittade mig lite omkring, och hur kusligt och obehagligt det än låter, kände jag att jag lever liksom i ett slags zombiernas paradis. Man är omgiven av skuggor. Helt overkligt!

För sjutton, det verkar att människorna här trivs med att vara döda.
Ja, livet, poesin, passion, medmänsklighet är numer bara förlegade ord i lexikonet…

Det är inte klokt – ingen är intresserad av ingen, egentligen…

Man ser att människor inte är lyckliga men likväl flyr alla huvudstupa i sin självupptagenhet, spelar en absurd och vansinnig teater – för vem egentligen?… – och omöjliggör verkligen att nåt naturligt möte uppstår…Alla är upptagna att komma inget vart…

Hur kan något fungera överhuvudtaget i denna hiskliga livslögn, i denna påtagliga frånvaro av relation?

Är det bara jag som ser detta?…Kan man göra nåt eller inte…?

Kan man inte tala öppet om detta, debattera?…

Har bott i Stklm sen ´83. Det var inte så på 80 och 90 talet. Det fanns trots allt en beredvillighet att nå ut, ja, ett intresse för varandra.

Man hoppas alltid att man kan få igång livet här…men det kanske är bara rent omöjligt – fåfång förhoppning…

Sanningen att säga, är att jag funderar många gånger på att flytta härifrån, men var ska man ta vägen…?

Överallt i västerlandet har det mer eller mindre blivit samma sak.

A word to Richard about our losed interest for interaction

When virtuality becomes your reality, you are in big trouble.

When it comes to social life in Stockholm, this “practice” has become more or less nonexistent.
Everyone here suffers about this phenomenon, and yet I seem to be the only one raising
these questions.

People have neither interest nor need for natural “rubbing shoulders”, nor do they any longer know what sound and sane interaction entails…

I am pondering 1000 times a day as to WHAT is the reason for shunning each other, why people have become utterly unapproachable, self-sufficient and disinterested to meet others, because this is exactly the worst disease of our time – this blatant lack of contact. This is the reason to all shortcomings, poverty and wretchedness in all areas of public life.

Alienation, reciprocal fear of each other, denial of true and spontaneous expression, procrastination and dishonesty is modern man´s curse. We live pornographically, as passion and feeling are banned from our social vocabulary.

Hello Sara!

She is delightfully funny.
She spreads joy and lightness around her.
Unobtrusively witty, she has the right word
for everyone.

She saw that I saw her. She was thriving
in my appreciation.

“It feels so great to be given the right feedback”
she said with a grateful smile.
“You see, I always take a step back considering
and questioning whatever I think to be right.”

Highly uncommon. She is 19 only.

Gifted, genuinely interested in ethics
and in true, human endeavour.

“What a great pleasure talking to you!
We could go on for hours” she uttered


What a blessing to meet such a
charmingly intelligent girl.
So generous and outspoken.

A striking contrast to the curse of being
obliged to put up with many an educated
but stupid and pretentious goose
who imagine to be smart.

A night out

If you go to a regular club nowadays – and not only in Stockholm – you see people “dancing” on their own, never with each other. The kind of frantic barbarism called music today,
doesn´t allow you to dance together. The way we live, the way we dance: Everybody is in his own swirling frenzied trance. Nobody sees or is interested in the other.

It´s a perfect metaphore for our life: Everything in the clubs is kind of invented in such manner, so that you can´t possibly reach one another –  you can´t talk, you can´t dance,  if you wanna say something, you either yell  your wits off, or play the bufoon… In brief: everything is made to be twisted and difficult.
Why is that? Because inside people´s souls there is a frightful noise, chaos and shame, resentment and despondency, so obviously, no one is supposed to see their insidious secret. TOUGH LUCK – I SEE.

And that´s why they flee. They see that I see. They avoid you, often with a politely but fake smile.

Like last night, I would have loved some meaningful communion – and that´s exactly the thing you don´t find in this town. People refuse and hate to be themselves, they are not interested, not curious, not nothing…You have the weird feeling that you don´t exist…
Everything is feigned…Thwarted…Distorted. A peculiar, upside-down and rabid theater…
Eugen Ionesco – the founder of absurd theater – would have probably felt totally outwitted by these times…

This is our present age.

I guess this is the outcome of the nihilistic education they have received. “Don´t touch my
feeling” – that´s what you´re tacitly told. “Don´t move me…don´t make me feel.
Or if you do, prepare to be punished.” I am aware that what I say sounds awful and surreal, but that´s the truth…
It is such a chaos inside their souls, so obviously, nearness and humanness, are the last things people want to be reminded of…Our so-called music today is the best proof and illustration of my point:
Appalling harshness, indiscriminate and narcissistic arrogance, relentlessly idiotic monotony, no joy,
no pleasant rhythm, melody or harmony, oh no,  just flat and eviscerated madness.

Anyway, yesterday I was feeling great, but I had to celebrate my being joyful on my own…I understand that when you are low people flee your company. BUT WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY AND THEY FLEE, that my friends,  is really incomprehensible…the hardest thing to take.

Really, it sounds crazy, but people seem to be terribly afraid of joy, of happiness and true togetherness.

They kind of deliberately seek and indulge in trouble, misery and unhappiness.
It is much easier and rather convenient.

The masters of stumbling

When they stumble all their life, they naturally take great pleasure in seeing
others stumble – deliberately preventing each other from having a nice and seamless life.

Real contact is tabu, dancing and being together is emotionally incorrect nowadays, yes, even dangerous.
God forbid, it is too unpredictable… – what can happen if we get to know each other…?

“I am miserable but strong in my stupid loneliness, but you are not supposed to see that.”

She asked me if I´m well.
I am ok I guess, I am so utterly bored at times though, to be “dancing” on my own.

A word for today

Beautiful sunshine in Stockholm today. So just a word for you:

Do no longer invest in fear and worry, invest your life in Joy and Trust.

Says Hanna about Stockholm

It is almost impossible to talk to people here. They are so hideously self-absorbed.
They always play so damn important. Oh, so tiresome. So one-sidedly boring and inane.