Don´t think Reality – be it!

Reality irrevocably transcends thought.

Subsequently, The Real doesn´t need to be considered intellectually,
the real requires to be acted upon.

Reality is Whole. Thought is fragmentation. What is fragmented fails to
grasp the whole.

Usually we dissociate Wording from Acting, and in so doing we indulge
in confusion and bigotry.
We kind of create an insuperable wall between us and Life.


The arrow hitting the target doesn´t hesitate. We do.

We kind of turn our whole life into an idle process of thinking and postponing.
No wonder our actions are tepid and meaningless.

Reality, being real IN REALITY, is the target. You don´t choose the target.
Reality chooses you when you let go of thinking and measuring.

Heed and trust its call!


A true one

If you want to have a proper understanding of anything, stop thinking, stop aspiring. Get a real relation to that thing beyond the projection of your wish!