We are our stories

We are a sum of all these stories…

If we run out of stories, we run out of life. Stories are not seditious facts that we are bombarded with daily, but deep meaningful aspects of our ageless humanity. If we lose our real stories, we lose our humanity.

As never before we need real storytellers. We need food for our soul, we need to re-embark on the never-ending journeys to the magic land of our phantasy. What is going on the level of our phantasy and dreams, is not just nonsensical silly figments, but something very central
for the well-being of our Psyche, something which opens the door to an enhanced reality.

In fact, what we see and experience around us, is the outgrowth of the stories we keep telling to ourselves.

I remember a man of modest means once telling me that without stories he would die… I was so moved…

So, I am about to ask something very important:

What stories do you keep telling inside of you? Is our life a series of empty cynical facts as we are expected to believe, or a glorious tale worth telling…?

I, for one, have never encountered any person of success who hasn´t somehow raised beyond pure empiricism into the noble essence of phantasy. And that´s exactly the right use of their phantasy, which is the outcome of their success.

Late one night after a concert in Malmö, I once met a wealthy man. He confided to me that he once met an interesting man and believe or not – what they did, was spending time together, telling  fairy-tales to each other. To their great amazement, out of a certain story they got the inspiration to an incredible business project. To cut it short, this project made them both millionaires.

No, you won´t hear about these things in newspapers or TV. What universities and other impostors tell you is that success is only the outcome of hard work. Such a revolting lie. The truth is that all rich people I ever met, were original thinkers, and made their fortunes out of contact with something magic and initially unaccountable.

The equation is simple. Try to conquer a beautiful woman through reason and see what you get…Try to achieve something great through mere reason…Reason only means loss and failure, whereas contact with the deeper realities of life can open unexpected perspectives…

I choose the wealth of stories and their timeless wisdom…What about you?…

One thousand and one new stories to tell

What are numbers really? Do they actually exist per se, as energy entities, or do they only exist in our imagination only?

Have you ever wondered if numbers have a certain significance? If they somehow influence the course of your life?

What is the secret significance of 1001? It is doubtlessly perfect symmetry above all. This number is an enigmatic sequence, a beginning and an end simultaneously.

What is the end, and what is the beginning? Is there such a thing as a beginning and an end? In our finite scenario there is, on a higher level, things are far more complex and complicated.

I will not indulge in vapid speculations. The fact of the matter is that only when we manage to go beyond our limited “time-and-space” scenario, we get a glimpse of the mysterious beauty of life, where things are intertwined in a spectacular maze of  “absurd and illogical” order. I say “absurd”, as here we speak about a level of being which doesn´t obey at all our logical apprehension. In this realm, mainstream Logic is like having a hammer trying to carve and hone shadows… Unless we have the ability to go beyond our limited logical comprehension, we will never experience the sublime presence of this plane of being.

All our myths, fairy tales and sagas are rooted and emerge from this realm of existence. It is good to be able to use our reason and practical sense in the world of “matter”, but once we enter these delicate levels, we need other instruments in order to grasp and dialogue with them.

The instrument we have at hand to deal with this illuminated “shadow world” is our ability to think metaphorically, to seize life in its mythical aspect.

Hence, our fairy tales are not something for kids only. Our fairy tales bear usually the living presence of this ineffable world, explaining in a far wider sense what Life is about, than our human logic.

A Thousand and One Nights bear witness of what I am trying to emphasise here.

Indeed, we have to rediscover our sagas. It is ripe time to take interest and widen our perception, questioning our myths, reconsidering another “story telling”.

All in all, we need to open our eyes for a wider reality. YES WE NEED NEW STORY-TELLERS. Stories awaken dormant energies within us, they connect us with the magical source within, they reinforce our dreams.

We need a more metaphorical approach to life. We need to unleash the new power of our yearning, through a more permissive attitude toward our timeless stories.

We need to  embrace the hidden and magic reality of the fairy tales, allowing them to be part of our “mundane” experience.

Without reconsidering the timeless symbols in myths and fairy tales pointing to a higher reality, our life becomes more and more devoid of meaning, and we all end up living an infinitely flat and dull existence.

What do we choose?