Changing your inner landscape for a new life to emerge

It is not about changing your life but about changing your inner landscape so that a new life can emerge. Make peace with where you are RIGHT NOW, no judgment, and allow some more ease and spaciousness to come in, to relieve you emotionally. So much of your energy is caught up in struggle right now.

– Marla Estes

I am not fiction and neither are you

“Peace isn’t fictional place. Neither are your words.  I feel exactly what you are saying though. I don’t know if the things I am doing are mistakes, or not. I don’t know if anyone understands that. I know your questions have helped me. Hear that! It would be nice to get some honest clear feedback though at times.
So whatever you choose, thanks for the words.”

I share the same feeling:
“I don’t know if the things I am doing are mistakes, or not. I don’t know if anyone
understands that.”

Who knows…?

Maybe it´s wrong not to be totally selfish, interested only in your petty and inane undertaking.

Maybe it is wrong to hope for a new inner and outer space, some kind of new context
of Openness, Love and Free Unbiased Communication in which we all partake,
and from which we all get nourished.

Maybe it is likewise naive and wrong to believe in generosity, beauty and abundance, when everyone else is engaged in rancor, animosity, ugliness, harsh competition, struggle for resources and frustrated egotism…

I for one, cannot live with this “right” outlook on life. Not only when it comes to this,
but generally, I prefer to be “wrong” but alive.

We have to learn the hard lesson of being really honest with ourselves.
Naked honesty as to WHO WE ARE AND WANT TO BE.
If we are to remain unhappy – because we are afraid to give something, hiding behind
our ego´s walls -, or happy, giving freely of ourselves, tearing down our limits.

Yes, it is about Where we stand towards each other, in generosity or stinginess.
Without real feedback we can´t go further, it´s really pointless.

YOUR WORDS MOVE ME. You speak from a place of honesty inside of you. Yes, I do hear you…
I hear the same kind of thoughts in me too…

For the record, I have to tell you that your comment here, is among the most worth-while words I ever received – again, because you speak from your heart.

For the one living in constant war with life, Peace is fiction, something to be shunned… For the one choosing equilibrium and true emotion, my words – and yours too – may be a pointer to What Is…

Letter to Melanie

Even someone being 15-year-old is already “too old” in this infantile world of ours. It´s a fact, most of the people stop growing mentally and stagnate intellectually when they are about 12-13. Growing up and maturing is somehow against the laws and expectations of society …so most of them already die when 17, but buried when they are 80…it´s tragic or incredibly comic.

So, yes, unfortunately those “special” encounters with those persons – “you can see in their eyes that they have an idea about life and also that they kind of know who you are and that they understand you somehow” – are  rather seldom.

As you know, most people want it “the easy way” – whatever transcends this easy – way attitude, scares them. Alas, how many times haven´t I heard “oh, why are you so difficult and hard to please?”
I´ll tell you what : I saw a picture of myself in Romania when I was  2, and already then I was “too old” =)) God in heaven , I had the glance of a visionary, very grave, as if  I already knew everything.

You say : “at the moment I´m really searching for myself, inventing myself again and I´m on a good way”
But think it over – do you think Self can be searched for?
Who is looking for what here?…

You are already the person you are looking for – but you don´t seem to know that yet 🙂
When we search for and try reinventing ourselves is not Self we are looking for, but the illusion of a Self, the ego 🙂

Searching presupposes the idea of acquisition – the effort to acquire, generates struggle and isolation, but you see…
You are not a sum of qualities, something to hope for, as they wrongly tought you 🙂