An uncomfortable truth

Most humans are so incredibly self-absorbed so if you show them you are an altruistic person, they mistrust and fiercely suspect you. Of course, being so egotistic, they can not fathom or figure it out that someone can go beyond his petty interests into something greater and “further”-reaching.

It is indeed a problem: you give something totally disinterested, out of love and care, and not only they suspect you, but even consider you being some kind of anomaly. “How can you do something without remuneration?”

If I was to think like that, Mirrors of Encounters would have never been created.

A friend of mine asked me the other day how I have so many things to write about. I told her that I know things because I have the ability to look, observe and disinterestedly relate to other people.

To tell you the truth, people caring only for their own good scare me. That is why – generally speaking – people  are so limited and have so boring lives: they neither care or take any genuine interest in others.

They live life as if they were the only ones living on the planet. My interest, my family, my job, my well-being, my idiosyncracies, my madness. Really, EGOTISM AND STUPIDITY GO HAND IN HAND.

The worst problem is with those ones who claim to be “learned” – philosophers, literature and sociology professors, psychologists, etc –  who by the nature of their pursuit could make a difference in the world.

Although engaging in far-reaching humanitarian projects, their main and only interest is themselves. It is horrific to realize that others find this conduct “normal”.

I think that we really deserve our fate. We are in this unprecedented, deplorable spiritual and societal shortage because we don´t care to pursue good in its extensive forms. “The hell with everybody else, why think of anyone but my own gain.”

This narrow-minded conduct is against life. This bigoted attitude is an insult to common sense, as we are interdependent and everything in life is intertwined. You are nothing in yourself, you are but a sum of everything and everyone else around you.

Indeed, oftentimes we give nothing without having a particular goal for our giving. This makes life terribly boring and predictable. If I am only to do something preset, with a certain outcome, I am nothing but a hollow nuisance. Nothing  more than a pitiful slave.

We are so rigidly attached to our objectives so life has become nothing but the playground for some avid businessmen. We all have become failed businessmen insofar as we trade with the nothingness of our stint.
There is hardly any space for sound, intelligent frivolity, improvisation or something different. Everything has to have a reason. Everything has to have a clear motive, and unless there is a well-defined intention, you are not considered “serious”. But I want to ask you:

Ultimately speaking, does life have a reason for existing? Is life “serious” or “unserious”?…Probably, life should answer like a Greek I heard years ago who was not so proficient in English:

No, I am not “serious”, I am Greek!

This “seriousness” is hell on earth. It is this seriousness which breeds soulless freaks in all departments of society whose only goal is to kill life.

So in this stupid and reckless climate, how on earth is poetry supposed to flourish?

Poetry – like music, arts in general and true scientific pursue – is not a clear goal to reach. Beauty and wisdom cannot be bought. Love cannot be purchased. There is worth which has no price.

Only by giving you receive something.

You will never receive anything, unless you want to give what you want to receive. This is Law. Unless you find out and take genuine interest in your fellow human being, your life will be short of essence.

Only generosity makes the difference. Only your vivid interest for “the other” will make you alive, only when you know yourself through the other, will you have something sensible to say.

Failed souls in key postitions

Anyone who against all odds and with whatever price is trying to be somebody, is a huge dork, a loser. Unfortunately, you see these “failed” souls often in public key postitions.

If I am a schmuck and a loser – they think – how the hell should I allow someone really gifted and competent  to come through? Impossible, for then my “importance” would be totally deranged.
I need to make sure to surround myself with other cowards like me …