Failing can be your success

What you call “success” is usually your worst failure.

That is not to think that failure means invariably success…

Action in love

Always question habitual action!

Indulging in habit and self-sufficiency never brings about real quality.
Only when being awake moment by moment, can we be perceptively accurate.

This awakeness is successful action. Quality – action in love 😉

Know that

The roads are open yet there is no overcrowding on the real heights of success.

Says Warren Beatty

You´ve achieved success in your field when you don´t know if what you are doing is work or play.

What is success?

Success is overpowering action stemming from right connection in joy, insight and love…

Now is success

They all chase fulfillment and success. Fulfillment sometimes in the future.

But there is no real success other than this moment. Success is to embrace Now, to breath this very second, to love what you are, the way you are… NOW.


The key to all there is – energy

Energy is Incessant Flow. Movement. Timeless and Eternal movement. Energy is the key to all there is. You can talk about it, but the vital thing is whether you feel it or not. Most people don´t, as civilization has cheated them, depriving them deliberately of this contact.

Your body and soul vibrate in the same music when energy is flowing. Thus, Flow is unity, unity makes all different parts vibrate in unison. This Unity is Harmony, it is Health,
well-functioning. It´s when different voices don´t fight each other, but swiftly sing and dance together in the same harmony. You might not know that the word Symphony comes from the Greek word συμφωνώ (symphono) which means to agree, to attune. Isn´t this fantastic?

Beauty is therefore harmony, a felt vibration not a mere word, beauty permeates and regulates the whole Universal Body.

When you feel Energy you can feel immediately enthusiasm. Enthusiasm means literally to breath in God…

Chaos is thus absence of unity. Chaos is when all parts or aspects are at war with each other. Chaos creates dissonance, senselessness, disease. Senselessness is disharmony, non feeling, frustration.

Chaos being dissonant, is ugly. Ugliness is the absence of harmony and unity. Chaos is absence, chaos is non feeling. Chaos at its worst is symbolic and physical Death.

Be aware, Whatever promise that makes you not feel Joy Now is nothing…Joy is timeless, meaning that if something is real, it is real because it creates Joy both now or whenever. Source is never conditioned by our measure of time. TIME HAS BEEN INVENTED AS A MEASURE OF CONTROL, remember that!

Energy means joy, when you feel joy you feel meaning, joy and meaning together convey right action cause you begin to feel when it´s the moment to act, right and joyful action is success. SUCCESS IS EXPRESSED JOY AND FREEDOM. Whoever tells you that success is hard work, is an impostor.


Learn to discern and recognize What gives energy and what deprives you of energy. Learn to recognize the ones who give you energy, cause those love you. Those who take and deprive you of energy those are your worst enemies – get rid of them immediately cause in the worst cases, loss of energy means even death. I know what I am talking about.

Without energy we are nothing. Nothing. What we have been taught by education – to compensate frustration through action, to rely on effort without energy – , is a total sham which brings only affliction and misfortune.
Without this energy we are like a fantastic device that we can´t use. Only this energy makes us real.

This energy creates real money. Money are supposed to mean sense and value. Money you haven´t earned through joy and meaningful dedication don´t bring any real benefit. Ask me – I know incredibly wealthy people whose life is a disastrous mess. Contrariwise, one dollar made in love can be the price to incredible happiness.

When you feel Meaning (energy) you act effortlessly, you attract all blessings. Where there is energy there is life. Source is Life, you feel its breath, Source is the wind, we are the surfers. Be vigilant and steady, learn to remain in joyful balance on the waves of life!


Birds are not philosophers yet they are the masters of philosophy.

Birds don’t wait for the right moment.
They are always in the right moment.
If you want to know what swift success is, watch a bird fly!

Watching birds is far more rewarding than being together with people.

That´s because sparrows and nightingales don’t judge and never try to dominate.

Perpetual presence

When you are totally absorbed in an action, (whatever that action might be ) at some level
you don´t do anything at all, because that is perfect rest, a blessed thoughtless state. That action is its own reward. Being becomes doing, and in that moment  of perpetual presence , there is nothing else to reach.
This is home – coming, endless Joy, the secret of success. 🙂