YES…which knows no “No”

An ever-growing sense of vitality. Of soothing and delightful Lightness.

A joyful trust which no longer rests on something vague and improbable, but on something immediately tangible…Utterly concrete. Immense and unwavering stability.

This blessed well-being is the outcome of years of perilous inner and outer journeys, of incessant work of pondering and understanding in-depth on one hand, but on the other, this ineffable state is the result of Nothing. Really: It simply doesn’t derive from anything known or created.

Hear me out:

No matter how magnificent, Everything existing in this world – and I really mean that – is second to It, a pale reflection of it.

So paradoxical: I needed all this strain, inhuman suffering and relentless effort, in order to understand no effort was needed.

So here I am: suspended between a non-beginning and a non-end…barehanded but inconceivably rich…