Throw away your phony creation or succomb

We are all aware that Mind is the perpetrator…That Mind has created all this unresolvable misery. This terrible confusion. This ubiquitous infelicity. Yes…- our daily disease.

We also intuit that the only way out of this self-elected wretched confinement is to renounce mind, and by so doing, to allow life to heal us and re-establish the natural order.

But the thing is:

Despite all dismal evidence, despite the fact that Life compels us to redefine what we term as “knowledge”, WE ARE TOO PROUD OF THIS OUR UNHOLY CREATION – OUR MIND. Even if we see it being totally mad and dysfunctional, even if we see clearly that we have pitifully failed, we refuse to give it up since we have totally bought into and invested everything we have in order to maintain it throughout immemorial time.

Well, bad news…Or for that matter, good news:

You cannot heal, thrive and be happy and hold on to Mind. Hold on to a belligerent lie.

Everything of worth, begins and grows the moment Mind has realized its futility, and thus capitulates to Life. To What Is…

You are not your life story

“Briefly, for me, non-attachment to feelings and/or ideas is the ability to watch, feel and experience without believing the narrative that might accompany the feelings or the experience and then being able to respond if appropriate rather than reacting.

It’s about living in the moment and surrendering to the unknown.”

Monica Cassani

How true her words ring here, as if she was talking to me: I realize awestricken that
my feelings are telling me a very treacherous story about myself.

This is such a trap:

Will I continue listening and identifying with this false tale about who I am?

Whose drama am I living which calls itself “me”?

Most of us are the convicts of our life stories. With an iron grip, these ageless narratives keep us hopelessly stuck in dreams which are not our own.

I take it again: unbeknownst, we live out ancestral nightmares, which constantly
deprive us of directly experiencing our true individuality – Who We Truly Are.

This blind heritage has enormous power – no wonder, it has been inertially perpetuated through immemorial time – and if you are urged to live your true Life Story, you urgently need to break free from these haunting, faceless memories.

Easier said than done. The combat is not a “literal” one – it must take place on very deep levels in your soul. It is there, inside these elusive layers that your earthly destiny is decided. Thus, you have to delve in and take on the “fight” on the symbolic, archetypal plane, where our Fate is “sealed”.

In plain English:

You need an incredible lucidity, courage, sensitivity and determination to let go of and disindentify from the stories which give themselves to be “you”.

These narratives control you mainly through your feelings, and you need to have the
power to step back and question the truth of your emotions.

Defy all these phantoms which steal you from You.



Ask yourself lucidly:


When Fear dies Truth arises

Thomas Ross:
I’ve been thinking a lot about fear.

Someone told me that when you open yourself to the truth, the truth of who you are,
there can be no fear. I think of the Tao passage –  when you hold nothing back from life,
you become ready for death. No fear.

As I said, IDEA – thinking – is fear. Of course we can think or meditate about fear,
but in most cases, our pondering enhances fear.

It´s a very insidious process.

What is “Truth”? I am not merely playing with words here:
What do we really know about truth?

Truth for most of us is a “negative” or “positive” projection, isn´t it so…?

“Holding nothing back from life” is surrender. Surrender to the fact that
we don´t know. Eventually it´s an act of “faith” – it is the immediate grasping
of the fact that thinking can neither “seize” nor convey the truth.

Idea must die – that´s what is meant with “you become ready for death”.
When Idea dies, Projection dies, and Fear along with it; and then, and only then,
Truth can arise.

Now, for most of us, this is the hardest thing to fathom as our identity is basically
an Idea,

Letting go of our Ideas – which are eventually only misconceptions – it feels like dying.
What do we have left then…?

Many people prefer to die physically, than confronting this giving up on ideas – that
regarding the immense difficulty of facing “the ultimate predicament” – letting go
of “identity”.

So…Only when Idea dies, Fear withers along with it, and Truth naturally emerges.


“If we want to live without tears, without heartbreak, without care, we surrender.
Just let go, give up, and let Life take you to the happy surprises where you are meant to be.”