In the land of the diseased, sanity is anomaly

Suspend Logic and Reason for a while and let Knowledge and Beauty emerge

Funny you caught on to that and you don’t even know me. How did you know?

I know without “knowing”, – meaning that I don´t rely on my “mundane” experience – but go deeper into realms of being where things are far more interesting. Where Logic and Reason are just suspended.

From there comes my “knowledge”.

True being, the Myths, Art and True Participation with “the other” happens in that realm.

I don´t find Ego and surface either sexy or exciting.

In Fear there is no spontaneity, no true emotion.

Fear and the emotions connected to it are simply treacherous.

Fear is the obstacle which veils these inner realities – and I think you might know what I am talking about.

So courage is required to see through, question and eventually transcend Fear – as fear is the distance between you and You  – and so skilfully connect with those levels.

So from those levels I am now writing to you.

From those ineffable levels where your true skills and artistic talent arise.

So bring forth the gypsy in you, that crazy and relentlessly deep and powerful joy.

Dare speak up – word heals

From hearing his voice I came to know that there are words for what is hidden in me” ( about James Hillman)

That´s indeed the mystery of healing: to be able to articulate inner realities which seemingly don´t lend themselves to word… – really, that is exorcism at work…

Exorcism…- oh, we are so modern, so we are not supposed to use such obsolete words.

In this today-society it´s taboo to express yourself from these subtle levels of the soul…- at least in this country – Sweden – you are considered some kind of loon if you do…You simple end up in exclusion.

If millions of people choose to live in lie and hypocrisy doesn´t mean it´s right for you to do so. Fact of the matter is thus that it is better to live in exclusion and HEAL, than living like them all in collective neurotic mendacity.

Can we heal traumas from past lives?

This is a very insidious subject, especially for those ones who do not believe in

Most of us don´t know this, but the theory of reincarnation was even recorded in the Bible. The proper interpretations concerning this uncommon subject-matter were deliberately struck from it during an Ecumenical Council meeting of the Catholic Church in Constantinople sometime around 553 A.D, called the Council of Nicea. The Council members voted to strike those teachings from the Bible in order to solidify Church control.

Fact of the matter is that we carry on traumas from past lives and those specific experiences mould and determine our present life. We are with other words relentlessly caught in the inertia of past occurrences which highly surpass our sensible knowledge, but are obviously at work.

Speak about this stuff with any “serious” psychologist or psychoanalyst, and he will in all likelihood deem you a victim of self-deception.

I can distinguish in my own life certain self-reiterating patterns which have nothing to do with this present life time…They go on and on, they keep you hooked in the same ominous experience….

Who can help you resolve those traumas?… That´s the ardent question, especially in this country – Sweden – where most of the people are convinced atheists…

The thing is that unless we come to face and decipher these past occurrences from other lives, we will undoubtedly continue with the same trauma for ever…


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Nothing genuine is produced when there is no aliveness

I entered the piazza cafe, ordered a tea and took a sit outside. I was rather drained of all the flat and tedious people running voraciously in the shopping malls around.

The doves were flapping around in circles, filling the square with the noise of their rushing wings. So alleviating…My soul-weariness vanished instantly attending this grand and priceless performance.

No one paid attention to those birds but me.

No, you cannot set a price on the natural vividness of life. And where aliveness
as such is not recognized and heeded, NOTHING real is produced...

Before leaving the cafe, I went to the toilet. The door was locked. There was a notice:

It was free for the guests – you had to ask the staff to open -, otherwise it costed 15
Swedish kr – approximately 2 bucks.

Can you imagine this…?

Two fucking dollars to use the loo…Pure insanity…really.

The thing is that when nothing sensible is produced – because to produce something entails to be alive – the most of our basic needs become a source of income, something to capitalize on.

The bastards who govern this present society, would not shy away from inventing any diabolic method to make money on anything.

I wouldn´t be surprised if one day these jerks would decide to spread poison in the atmosphere, so that they can start selling fresh air.

We deserve them.
We have created them with our unwillingness to heed and honor life…

A death-worshipping society


“It is not that our institutions and centers of power are religious in nature that is problematic. It is that they belong to a variety of religion that is
death-worshiping and whose underlying aim is to destroy everything living.
And, that its aims are hidden from many of us and even from its practitioners.”

Really, I can see with greatest clarity this so insidious feature in human nature that no one else seems to heed, except you: this secret wish to die, this eery longing for individual and collective suicide. Try to tell them that…

It is blatantly obvious that this is the most dominant characteristic: humanity has become a bunch of death-worshippers. Nothing more or less. They do everything in order to choke life, to render every natural life expression impossible. I was born in Romania and lived under that demonic communist system for 18 years, before I defected to Sweden in 1981. But fact of the matter is that this satanic regime back in the ´80s,  was nothing compared to the difficulty of living in this today-world.

The pressure of this treacherous death is worse than all the coercive methods used in Communism. It´s everywhere. Before you knew that Ceausescu and his acolytes were the “bad guys”, nowadays everyone you meet is a potential enemy, because every man is his own and Life´s enemy. They are all methodically chasing anything alive…There is no place to go, nothing to do, you are literally strangled.

Our present Zeitgeist is a very sinister form of cannibalism. Humanity actually cannibalizing on its own body.

You and me see that…Who else wants to see…? No one…

Why do they so adamantly refuse any argument?…I think they all deep down know this, but would never admit facts…

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What is there to do?

I came across this quote:

“We need to establish a global conversation and rational thought process
in order to ensure that society can stay on track.”

This is exactly the thing I also highlight with this so-called blog of mine:
The necessity of lucid dialogue.

As he puts it, “a global conversation.”

For sure, that´s exactly the issue:

At least in this country where I live – Sweden – and for that matter elsewhere
too, people are totally reluctant to engage in any communication in-depth.

Everything essential is considered taboo…Overarching wisdom and a critical approach
are considered anarchic here…

I wrote in a short post that “People understand all right, but are afraid to admit
they understand.

They all see, but once you open your mouth you are usually dismissed or laughed at…

So how do you go about if you want to initiate a fruitful debate?…

Zombiernas land

Svårt med Sverige…mycket svårt. I synnerhet att bo i Stockholm.

Jag var ute igår ikväll efter att ha tränat på gym, mådde bra, tittade mig lite omkring, och hur kusligt och obehagligt det än låter, kände jag att jag lever liksom i ett slags zombiernas paradis. Man är omgiven av skuggor. Helt overkligt!

För sjutton, det verkar att människorna här trivs med att vara döda.
Ja, livet, poesin, passion, medmänsklighet är numer bara förlegade ord i lexikonet…

Det är inte klokt – ingen är intresserad av ingen, egentligen…

Man ser att människor inte är lyckliga men likväl flyr alla huvudstupa i sin självupptagenhet, spelar en absurd och vansinnig teater – för vem egentligen?… – och omöjliggör verkligen att nåt naturligt möte uppstår…Alla är upptagna att komma inget vart…

Hur kan något fungera överhuvudtaget i denna hiskliga livslögn, i denna påtagliga frånvaro av relation?

Är det bara jag som ser detta?…Kan man göra nåt eller inte…?

Kan man inte tala öppet om detta, debattera?…

Har bott i Stklm sen ´83. Det var inte så på 80 och 90 talet. Det fanns trots allt en beredvillighet att nå ut, ja, ett intresse för varandra.

Man hoppas alltid att man kan få igång livet här…men det kanske är bara rent omöjligt – fåfång förhoppning…

Sanningen att säga, är att jag funderar många gånger på att flytta härifrån, men var ska man ta vägen…?

Överallt i västerlandet har det mer eller mindre blivit samma sak.

Beware of frustrated people

There are people who bring up your more embarrassing moments when they feel like you’re getting “too confident” because, God forbid, you threaten their dominance.

This quote is so good and I recognize it from personal experience:

I once had a “friend” like that, such a pompous bastard.

Secretly he wanted to be a musician but realized he had no real talent for that…He eventually became a therapist in psychosynthesis. So being jealous of my musical and other artistic skills, this frustrated man would do everything to keep me down, playing superior, manipulating me through guilt and bad conscience.

I WAS SO ASHAMED OF HIS SHAMELESS INTRUSIONS IN MY LIFE…Yet, throughout many years, due to the fact of being rather lost and lonely in Sweden, never really having had the chance before to know what true friendship is about, I was putting up with this guy´s subtle or gross abuse, hoping that sooner or later, he would become a better man. 

Such a delusion. Alas…- I was so gullible.

It´s a bitter fact but, with few exceptions, people never “improve”- they never change,
remaining the same 
throughout their whole life.

Thanks God, I understood this truth eventually, and stopped any contact with this man…

The question is:

That´s the problem with people with low self-esteem – and they are not few in this
world – they feel urged to dominate you in order to compensate their lack of talent and self-worth.

A word to Richard about our losed interest for interaction

When virtuality becomes your reality, you are in big trouble.

When it comes to social life in Stockholm, this “practice” has become more or less nonexistent.
Everyone here suffers about this phenomenon, and yet I seem to be the only one raising
these questions.

People have neither interest nor need for natural “rubbing shoulders”, nor do they any longer know what sound and sane interaction entails…

I am pondering 1000 times a day as to WHAT is the reason for shunning each other, why people have become utterly unapproachable, self-sufficient and disinterested to meet others, because this is exactly the worst disease of our time – this blatant lack of contact. This is the reason to all shortcomings, poverty and wretchedness in all areas of public life.

Alienation, reciprocal fear of each other, denial of true and spontaneous expression, procrastination and dishonesty is modern man´s curse. We live pornographically, as passion and feeling are banned from our social vocabulary.