You go to my head

These last days I´ve been thinking of this song You go to my head. I find the lyrics hauntingly inspiring, like an enchanting but obstinately lingering rare perfume. A sweet memory of what it can be…:

You go to my head
And you linger like a haunting refrain
And I find you spinning round in my brain
Like the bubbles in a glass of champagne

You go to my head
With smile that makes my temperature rise
Like a summer with a thousand Julys
You intoxicate my soul with your eyes

Hm, “like a summer with thousand Julys, you intoxicate my soul with your eyes”…This is enthralling…realy…

Have you ever allowed yourself to be intoxicated with a glance like this…? Have you ever allowed Beauty to show you who you are…? Have you?…

Damn, why don´t we write poems and music like this today? Can´t we allow us for a change to be a little more romantic and dreamy, a little less “realistic” but more pragmatically interested in the whispers of our real yearning?…