What´s the next step?

I started Mirrors of Encounters three years ago.

I started “blogging” out of inner necessity. Pure and simple, I write because I am simply urged to by an unknown inner authority. THINGS NEED TO BE CALLED BY THEIR REAL NAME.
And this is the main reason why I write: not so much to “make myself a name” but to reach out with things that are – at least in my opinion – fundamentally important. Truth be said,
I put my very best in all my posts, trying to be as coherent and succinct as possible.

Now, 37.000 views later, I am rather confused.

Evidently, people are interested to read my stuff – given the relatively big feed-back.
But what I receive is a whole bunch of “likes” and almost no comments.

The thing is that I kind of feel that I cannot continue with things the way they presently are.

Sincere debate can take things to another level. Although seemingly pertinent, my writing doesn´t seem to motivate and engage people to take a stand and comment.
I have the feeling that the subjects I take up are too taboo. I seem to scare people away.
Do I…?

A single individual cannot bring about a difference. That´s why many times I felt that it is pointless to go on. I will never quit writing, although I feel I many times I write in vain.
It is indeed time and “soul” consuming to write without being “endorsed” in a more “matter-of-fact” manner.

So…what´s the next step? What can I do…? Any constructive feed-back?