Question everything

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We have to begin to think again! Question EVERYTHING! Do not believe blindly in what you are being told.  If you take the time to read alternative news you will see for yourself the lies you are being fed everyday, but nobody questions them.

My point here is to look back over our lives to date and see how most of us lived our lives because of lies we were believing and being influenced by. We have not been allowed to live our lives as we truly should be living them. It is just a matter of waking up and researching for ourselves and to stop believing all that we are being programmed to believe! The truth is there to be found if one just makes the effort to look. If you can see the lie of heaven and hell and the corruption of religion, hopefully you will be able to understand the rest of the illusion and you will begin to see for yourselves what is going on. Once you see it, you see it! It is like the chemtrail lines in the sky, once you see them for yourselves you begin to see them everywhere you go and the denial ends. The same is true for the lies choking the life out of us, once you see them there is no turning back and you will see them everywhere as well and ask yourself, how could I have not seen this? Open your eyes and have courage!

Television exposure

The background noise emitted from a tv set can thwart the proper natural development of our  brains, and distract us to the point that we are unable to focus during conversations, or properly interact with other human beings. For many children, excessive background television exposure can also severely limit proper cognitive development and formative speech patterns.

 A quote from an article by Jonathan Benson

We are very busy

We are really incongruous. We say we don´t have time and waste precious time in idly consuming TV shows and other crap, but when dealing with important questions no…then we are really busy.

Preferably, we live like thiefs – unwilling to assume any identity. “Someone else has to take care of  `who I am´. I am here to consume and be entertained. Responsibility is not fun, no, it is too heavy”…

We are disturbed by questions, we are disturbed by answers. We don´t want to know where we come from or where we are heading. It is more comfortable to live in inertia and chosen ignorance.

Let´s create robots to take care of our yearning! Let intelligent robots take care of our stupidity and our guilt! Let´s get all rid of the voice of our conscience.
No, conscience doesn´t pay.

Immaturity, hypocrisy and bigotry pays, this is our daily bread.

No, we don´t have time for the essential.

We have plenty of time to be shallow and idle-headed.

Why do we watch television?

Why do we look at TV at the end of the day?

With some few exceptions, how is it possible that people give so much time to this manipulating crap?

Do we evaluate so little our precious life so we can swallow all these lies and bad taste? Have we become so incredibly dumb, short of fantasy and empty to allow this rubbish to steal our life?

Sometimes I happen to put on the TV set, and I realize that I DON´T EVEN HAVE A SECOND TO LISTEN TO THIS FAKE BULLSHIT…

Every second is gold…

Why would I give my invaluable attention to things that are mostly senseless? To stories that are completely devoid of any substance?…
If I have a real life, why would I buy a false version of what life is?


If people lived a rich a meaningful life, really took interest in themselves, would they have time to waste in front of the TV set? Would they give away their self-esteem to some crazy fools who twist your imagination?

What do you think?