The modern undead

….does anything in his might in order to fiercely shut Life out. To shut you out…To shut out every natural expression…If he could, he would wipe out anything which reminds him of Poetry, Passion and genuine Creativity. Nearness of any kind is illicit and outlawed.

They have invented a totally nightmarish age which stubbornly glorifies Death and punishes Life…Not only in the so-called artistic or philosophical circles, but in all walks of life….

The death of true Art?…

Creation is relation.

There is no distinction between Man and Society. They mould and foster each other.

Everything is intertwined – nothing comes out of nothing. And anything is the response of something else. Meaning that, Art happens naturally…Organically: where there is a spark of life, there will be creation.

Artistic creation is thus the outcome of true encounters. It is a vivid process finding its own way IN RELATION.

But, let´s face it: in this utterly disturbed today-world, genuine relation is relegated to a word in the dictionary only.

TRUE SENTIMENT IS TABOO, which means that every emotional involvement is fiercely thwarted.

So what is the artist supposed to do in this harsh and barren land of today, when there is hardly any true communion and togetherness left in human society?…