Heed This Very Instant

…cause it´s everything you´ve got…

I wish you all a yearless year!

May all inner and outer doors open up within us!

Nothing to obey or fear

There is nowhere to go. There is no precise destination.
Grasping that, you stop creating “future” and when future is suspended,
the past dies too. When time is invalidated, all conflict and suffering instantly stop.

You proceed moment by moment with the steady pulse of every second.
This very Instant is the mighty pulse of the Universe, comprising all there is.

So know that there is nothing to achieve, nothing worth fighting for, nothing to endeavour as it all swiftly comes to you. There is nothing to know, no Einstein, no Beethoven, no Jesus, indeed, no authority whatsoever, nothing to obey or fear.

There is only this blissful breath – Everybody and Nobody in a Happy Dance.

Once you are aware of this, all doors are wide open.

In a split second, it all dawned on me

That was the end of sorrow…I grasped it all, or so it seemed. In fact, that instant reassured me that there was nothing to grasp:


Yes…this unmediated Joy had in truth no counterpart, but intimately knew what sadness was…

And then I woke up.

I had forgotten it…

Was it a dream, or am I dreaming now?…