Isn´t it queer?

What scares you is not your darkness but your Immense Light within you.

You are indeed afraid of YourSelf, of the possibility of living a great and fulfilling life, and thus time and again you avoid and thwart the greatest gift bestowed, namely, the encounter with the Real You.

We have lots of options nowadays

…to change a prison with another.
And another…

As simple as that

They reject your suffering because they are afraid of their own.

Here and now

…for most humans, the most dangerous place to be.

Puer eternus – no longer a choice

One “saves” oneself – and maybe even the world?…- only when one comes out of the prison of becoming and postponing, when one sees through the unreality of time, and therefore fully surrendering to and committing oneself to the utter hopelessness and inescapable pain of “what is”…

We are powerless when we dream ourselves away, and God-like when we unreservedly and boldly embrace the monstrous ugliness and overwhelming beauty of our human predicament.

They´ll remain strangers…spending their whole life in self-avoidance

You are already doing that

Please, consider this:

I am sitting writing these very words. Now…- if I said “oh, how I wish to sit down and write”, while I am actually doing just that, you may wonder as to my being entirely sane…

And yet…that´s what people do.

“Everybody lives tomorrow or yesterday and never now…! I so long for a Now.”- she said.

“When you say everybody”- I replied – “you mean yourself. How on earth can you long for a now, when you undeniably are immersed in this Now? Only the person feeling disengaged from life wants `to live´. If you say, `I am going to live now´, you will resist and push away this present moment even more.”


We are always prone to create a gap between us and the very thing we strive for. This very gap is Desire – that is, Time, which is Fear, which is Pain, insecurity, insufficiency and frustration, which is doubt…which is fragmentation. Which ultimately is distance from ourselves.


We think we are Absence. Absence striving to Presence…and in this uncanny process of striving, we create nothing but even more absence…more havoc…more infelicity.

So don´t wish to read these lines – you are already doing that!




They will fucking crucify you, if you deprive them of their illusions

The human predicament

I punish myself therefore I live.