What if your goals are a safe fake?

The following is a comment made by Yohami to one of my posts. Truly worthwhile information about the deceptive dynamics of the Ego.

“Often the goal projected in the future is about obtaining something you lack, the underlying goal thus being to fix your ego and therefore make you happy somehow.

The problem with this approach is usually that an unhappy ego cannot do the necessary work to make itself happy: the ego´s survival mechanisms resist change, meaning that the more the hurt ego is put in motion, the more it produces even more hurt ego. By committing yourself to the existence of the hurt/incomplete ego which needs a fix, you only reaffirm a hurt/incomplete ego which needs a fix.

Ego can visualise a future where everything works, because the future doesn´t exist. Projecting something in the future is an evasion from now, and evading this present moment, is the very thing really which inflicts more pain on that egoic self. Pushing away stuff to the future can happen all along the way from this moment to the actual goal, which means that even if the goal is acquired, the ego will remain untouched, pushing the fix to a further future.

Let´s face it: the ego doesn´t want to be fixed.

Therefore, any ego projection is just another way by which it is trying to validate itself. The goal in all likelihood is not what is needed, but what feels convenient.

The whole thing is probably a safe fake.

Now…what if you were already happy, what if you were whole, what if…?

What if the sensation that you lack any or all of it is an illusion that you can
awake from?…Or, instead of being incomplete and moving towards complete, figure what your complete person would do and simply do that. Be there already, now.

Do the actual stuff, the actual steps when there are actual steps (practice, body of work, skills) without the ego. Make it all an act of meditation. Turn the actual doing into a quitting the projection. That is, do the process because of the process, not because of the goal.

Do the process because you’re already there, and this is what you do because you Already Are, and not because you want to become.

The imagined become is really a non becoming.