Am I really alone?

That´s what I asked myself this morning. Perhaps I was really wanting to ask the question “Am I really lonely?”…The answer was a ‘knowing’ kind of answer – No, I am not at all alone. Just that knowingness. My perception changed. It was comforting..

We are alone till the moment we no longer are…

“Aloneness” hides the most essential truth from us. We couldn´t know what is beyond loneliness, unless we willingly delve into its huge mystery. The most difficult part is that Aloneness – Separation – is very real, but on the other hand, once you´re thru – given that you manage to come out of it – you realize it never existed…

So, the question is again:

How do you deal with something which is very, very concrete, but at the same time, nonexistent…?

Talking to a Master

It´s a longer dialogue but it is worth reading it:

The one who understands you best is no one but you. Embrace yourself!
– So true, we keep looking for ourselves in others…
– For sure, we look usually for people and circumstances that have nothing to do with us…
– Why is that?
– Despair, the agony of being lonely, not seen…of not having a real sense of belonging anywhere…
– True…
– You know, SEPARATION was and is still traumatic for each one of us…
People don´t realize the cause of their trauma. This immemorial trauma is often hidden within.
– Very well put – for sure, SEPARATION IS MONSTROUS…Most of the people will never get to know this: The Divine Madness is that the God Mind separated itself from Itself. That is the thing we call Creation. Calderon was seemingly right when he said that the worse and greatest offense to man is that he was ever born.

 -When Fear is dissolved – fear being separation – then we get to see more sense than now, when we are separated…Do you find this unlikely?…
– Not at all, I see things in a similar manner.
– Do you understand the sense of being separated?
– How do you see it?
– The dissolution of Ego is attainable to very few…Most of the people will never manage to step out of Fear.

 – Fear is their identity…
– Beyond fear is Unity. Only in this Oneness you can see what Separation is really about…It is almost impossible to put it in words. HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN when most humans never had such an experience to which they can relate…
– How could they have…? We all live in disunity – cleavage and disunion is our mother´s milk through eons…That´s why common man has a hard time getting this...
– I guess you could say that.

– Only this primordial Oneness is our Salvation. The Healing we all ache for.
– Well yes, the return to Who We really Are.
– All diseases, suffering and atrocities seem to be the result of this split, the Primordial Separation – I guess that´s what the major religions call the original Sin.
– Yes, so it is.
– But this is unfathomable… – it seems to me that the Divine Mind has kind of splitted itself deliberately creating this monstrous separation, which to me seems like pure madness. Is Calderon right…? Obviously, Creation contains inherently all these outrageous realities like dreadful suffering, sorrow, illness, you know, all the dark sides…Is the Divine Mind mad…?
– When you will penetrate deeper, totally coming out of the Illusion of Separation, you will see things differently.

(To be continued)

A difficult question

Is Evil ultimately just an Illusion? – Insofar as to be captured within oneself, is the main illusion:
The Illusion of Separation, the actual evil…

What do you think?

The Illusion of Separation

All existential problems arise from this – one and only – misconception: the Illusion of Separation. The illusion that we are separated from life…that we are separated from one another…That we are separated from ourselves.

Is sorrow real?

Is anxiety, loneliness, depression real ?

Of course, THEY ARE REAL ONLY INSIDE THIS ILLUSION, but once you have the guts to step out of it, you can see through and you will understand…

It may be a long and arduous journey to go through and disidentify from these different levels of “falseness”. In my case it has taken years. It all depends on your courage and readiness to undergo this process, as many people won´t even come in the nearness of it.
But once these old patterns of Illusion begin to dissipate, at first you may experience even more confusion and pain, then gradually – as you are touching and getting to know Reality -, ineffable joy.

When you embrace and reconnect with your true Self, all stories and dramas end, and NOW is restored to its primordial essence: energy, clarity, vitality, swiftness.

You come to a point where the inside “becomes” the outside and vice versa, as there is no longer the resistance of “I-ness” that blocks the different aspects of being.

Struggle is over in this outright understanding.

You are all the aspects of existence, so when you have gone through this illusion, you are integrating within yourself both the inside and the outside.