Irrespective of your will and implication, things seemingly happen at random

If you look closer though, there is a hidden logic behind it all. It may seem unfair at a first look: when you are sad, unstable and despondent, you encounter lots of setbacks which somehow match your inner state.

If you instead are calm and well – that is, stringently present, aligned with your joy and true purpose -, Life responds immediately to the beneficial frequency you´re spreading, and more often than not, the events around you will work for, and not against you.

This is tried and tested…

I am sure you know what I am hinting at.



Be with it in this moment

It has taken me a lifetime to get this.

As long as you live in division – that is, in the gap between you now and what you want to achieve in “the future” – whatever “ideal” you strive for, will inevitably enhance your fear and turn out to be another painful disillusionment.

You simply can´t miss the target, if you instead, are already one with, and vibrationally exert in this moment whatever you are looking for.