Will she remain a figment of an overtly flirtive imagination?

I happily await the day when – once again – I find myself deluded and in love.

If I would venture an answer I would say:

The bigger the delusion, the longer the waiting 🙂

What happens when you wait?…You create a distance between you and the object of your desire. Unbeknownst, you simply push “her” away; that is yourself, you as totality: feminine and masculine principle…

Whenever we have expectations we condition ourselves.

To be conditioned is to be “broken” in the process…

Being broken – meaning of course, opposite to whole – we divide Life into so-called reality and different figments of imagination.

When Life is whole within you, there is no place for such distinction: reality and imagination. The more “whole”, the more the so-called imagination becomes palpable. On this level, The Law of Attraction is a fact.

You simply attract what you are…

Presence and wholeness is the same thing.

The more whole, the more present, and so the bigger the likelihood that you see “her”. That you simply, create her…

I speak from experience, I am not inventing big words.

The age of counterfeits

No, but really…

It really goes on my nerves:

All these smart guys like Gregg Bradden, Wayne Diar, Donald Neale Walsh, David Ike, Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks so forth and so on…- all of them speaking skillfully about consciousness and frequencies, quantum physics, the Universal Field, metaphysics,
The Law of Attraction, the one more interesting than the other…

And yet…The result of all this intelligent verbosity is null! ZERO…!

It doesn´t fucking make sense…Not that what they come up with is without value,
but were the things they said really powerful and worth-while, you could feel this improved state they talk about, everywhere around you.

Instead what…in everyday life humans are more and more absent and disturbed, more senselessly aloof and aggressive, reckless, greedy and self-absorbed…

Paradoxically, despite the information and incredible sophisticated means at hand, Stupidity is growing exponentially reaching alarming levels.

It is truly an insurmountable gap.

The masses are always the way they are. But if all these New Age prophets were
genuinely and virtually dedicated, they would probably manage
TO BRING ABOUT A REAL, PALPABLE CHANGE. You would just feel it naturally…

Albeit they being well articulated and probably well-intentioned, I really suspect most of them being no more than a bunch of counterfeits.

They are most likely not aware, but they are as deceitful as the age they are a part of.

Says Napoleon Hill

Whatever your mind feeds upon, the mind attracts to you.

Why do we sabotage ourselves?

These are excerpts from an article about The Law of Attraction.

“As adults, our powerful thoughts continue to sabotage our lives, only the outcome is often quite stronger. From putting on weight to financial hardships, if you are not thriving then your thoughts are actively involved in sabotaging your greatest successes. You have invested in sabotage as the primary reference point in your life. Somehow you errantly believe that you are benefiting from sabotage just like the sick child feels a benefit by not having to attend school.

For instance, many people create illnesses to rest, take a break from life, to be taken care of by others or to avoid an uneasy situation. Instead of learning to find the tools to resolve these conflicts, becoming sick is the easiest way to find relief. One could make the argument that hospitals are filled with people who are choosing illness as a way of getting relief from a mental conflict that they are unable to resolve any other way. Yes, your mind is that powerful and there are no exceptions.”

“While this way of perceiving the world might be difficult to digest for many, when you understand our investment in sabotage things become much clearer. We are all looking for relief from conflict. If we do not believe that we can resolve the conflict externally, we frequently create a situation that resolves itself internally.”


Is “Change” possible?

“Change” is a very tricky word.

There have been written tones of books on The Law of Attraction.

The question is though:

Are we the vicitims of Fate, or can we bring about A REAL CHANGE
through deliberate focus?

Can we discuss this together?

Unhappy trying to be happy – the pursuit of happiness

How can you be happy if you don’t know what unhappy is? For happiness to exist
unhappiness and discontent must exist. So there is some good in unhappiness.

It´s a very tricky thing.

From the perspective of duality you are right. We all know what discontent and
unhappiness is, that´s for sure.

The point is – as I emphasised before – once you feel discontent and misfortune you automatically strive for “happiness”. As long as dissatisfaction is the starting point of our journey to wellness, we will attract and encounter nothing but deceit and more displeasure. Can you see this?
What else can we find other than unhappiness when unhappy?

In this sense, the troublesome pursuit of happiness becomes vanity and hypocrisy…yes, imposture…- Ego craving for pleasure, eventually ego vehemently trying to escape its inherent predicament – conflict and suffering.
In this sense, the chasing of happiness becomes “important”…

Happiness becomes thus a mere futile projection, an inane and trivially stupid
pursuance for the illusion of self-aggrandisement.

Just look around at out present age and check for yourself if what I say is right…
Witness what dire and fatal outcome has this very quest for happiness for ourselves
and everything around us.

Now: Is happiness a projection?… An outcome, something to look or strive for?

Does happiness ever go hand in hand with discontent and unhappiness?
Is happiness to be found at the level of duality?
Does the sense of real wellness and felicity belong to “the known”?…
How can something “known”, ever become worthwhile having…?

How can effort and repetition equate well-being…?

Bottom line:

Happiness is the beloved and distinguished guest who comes uninvited the moment
we fully realize the vanity and hopelessness of the endeavour to be happy.