We would rather die, than letting go of our mad stories

Everything starts anew. Every instant is unrepeatable:

Life is a story with no story…

But that is too challenging and daunting to admit.

So ultimately it´s all about our narratives prevailing over Life itself. It´s all about our memory versus the inscrutable mystery of living.


Memory is often the insufficiency of our experiences. Memory is thus eternally incomplete. Deficient. It always answers inadequately to the challenge of every moment. How can something deficient understand this very Now, which is incommensurable wonder?… It simply can´t. Subsequently, not being able to grasp this present moment correctly, memory´s constant answer to life is Failure….

How can we be anything but failure when our very identity is, and derives from memory?

To put it shortly, we would rather continue to successfully fail and have our identity unchanged, than assuming the risk of letting go of our subjective memory, apprehending Life in open and imponderable wonder…

Live “exceptionally”

Every second is new.

Most people simply don´t know this, as they are irretrievably caught in “knowledge”. In yesterdays. In experience, in habits, in repetition. They function strictly by default.

They think they see, but see nothing. Their understanding is inertially biased.

Most of them are but a dead memory of themselves.

They are the slaves of their mechanic living – every new situation being deadened before it has a chance to live.

Knowledge, being the outcome of experience, is by definition old. Obsolete.

Consequently, every system of thought is bound to fail.

How can anything old ever fathom this Now-Moment?…
How can the Free be seized by the Un-free…?

There is no rule when it comes to the Mystery of Living after all.

Aliveness is the death of all systems. The death of repetitive “knowledge”.

Aliveness is blank. Only the vivid has the right solution.


Every moment is an exception. Every moment is being born as we breath.