The greatest paradox

All greatness derives from it. It´s behind all noteworthy achievement.

The connexion with it bestows sense, stability and abundance. It heals all wounds. Soothes the tired heart.

IT is more Real than real…- yet beyond all conscious search.

Is there a way to It?…

Although I’m rather suspicious concerning Osho I like his saying:

“You have to create your own path to your own temple.”

You are right to be suspicious about Osho. He was a big trickster.

The thing is that

Unless we learn to “think paradoxically” we don´t get the Truth.

The Path is neither personal nor impersonal – and at the same time it is both.

So how can something which is not “personal” be turned into “my own”…?

As long as you state “this is mine” you create differentiation, that is, conflict.

The path is nameless, the temple exists and exists not.

So is there a way to something which has no existence?…

The whisper of your inner voice

There is no book, no map, no nothing which can point out to your real life. You are a riddle to discover, the only one able to figure out your mystery is you…

If you choose the “official way” – taking help from books, knowledge, whatever guru, Bible, other holly books or other non sense -, you will spend your life in futile conformity, being a copy of someone else, never knowing WHO YOU ARE or what Life is about….

Or… you can take the strenuous task of self discovery, confronting and realizing that you are on your own – as no one else can live you, but YOU.
It is the most challenging journey, as there is no road to tread, no direction to follow…other than the whisper of your inner voice…

If you manage to keep alive, going through all the huge trials you encounter, – taking the battle, understanding what the Ego is about and  letting go of It -, you will Know beyond doubt, the bliss of home-coming.