What is I-ness and identity?

The hardest thing to grasp that our culture never speaks about is this:

The sense of  “I”, our very identity is intrinsically fragmentation. What is fragmented – namely our I-ness – is, and leads invariably to struggle, conflict, resistance.

What is fragmented struggles actually to wholeness – wholeness is in fact the goal for all our human endeavours, the “final” destination for al our strife and aspirations.

All manifest existence, us included, strives back to One, to wholeness, that´s the hardest paradox to fathom.

If we look without prejudice, everything we know is basically the outcome of our sense of identity. Identity trying to defend, preserve and commit itself, identity trying hard to thrive, through struggle, conflict, friction. What else can we find at the end of this road other than suffering?

What is identity? What is at the root of our very Identity…? Fear. Fear in all its infinite variations. Fear of being or not being, fear of not succeeding, fear of not reaching the Ideal, fear of this or that. To cut it short, Ego is separation, ego is fear, ego assumes an identity built on fear. At the root of every hardship, idiosyncrasy and disease is Ego.

If we manage to understand the nature of the ego – separation – we come to understand fear.

Ego being fear, whatever it undertakes is bound to fail.

Ego goes from illusion to illusion, from failure to another failure. EGO CANNOT WIN – even when it “succeeds” it is failing nevertheless.

EGO IS ABSENCE. Absence struggling hard to attain Presence, or Wholeness.

Fragmentation can never grasp wholeness! Suffering can never grasp joy or peace. Suffering is isolation, and the only way of coming out of separation and isolation is going through the illusory nature of the ego, letting go of the false idea of identity.

Once you let go, you realize that existence lives you swiftly and seamlessly. Once you feel the joy of being one with existence, you are whole and don´t need to aspire, instead you act joyously. Letting go of Ego is like travelling from Absence to Presence.

Presence can never fail!

Presence is discernment, the death of illusion and self-delusion.

Presence is Wholeness, presence is totality second by second. Homecoming!