We need another approach

I said many times before and I say it again:

There is no such thing as new thinking.

Thinking by definition is old. It is age-old experience, the deep-seated conditioned individual and collective memory within us, it is what we call “identity”. Thinking is utterly speaking a total failure…as it is fear reiterating itself, constantly missing the encounter with this present instant in its everlasting freshness.

It is not about me venturing to say something interesting.
It´s a clear fact, if we look into it.

We have to understand the nature of thought, and dare see that thinking no longer serves us. I for one, am no longer served by it.

If we want to find new and sustainable solutions to impending life-problems, we need another readiness to enquire. We need to redefine Openness. As “Open” is not something we can decide to be. Clearly, the more open we try to be, the more fearfully closed we become.

Openness is thoughtless-ness – that is, encountering Life in its memory-less instant. It is letting go of word and preconception…Of identity based on the past.

Not an easy one…