Hello Sara!

She is delightfully funny.
She spreads joy and lightness around her.
Unobtrusively witty, she has the right word
for everyone.

She saw that I saw her. She was thriving
in my appreciation.

“It feels so great to be given the right feedback”
she said with a grateful smile.
“You see, I always take a step back considering
and questioning whatever I think to be right.”

Highly uncommon. She is 19 only.

Gifted, genuinely interested in ethics
and in true, human endeavour.

“What a great pleasure talking to you!
We could go on for hours” she uttered


What a blessing to meet such a
charmingly intelligent girl.
So generous and outspoken.

A striking contrast to the curse of being
obliged to put up with many an educated
but stupid and pretentious goose
who imagine to be smart.