True communication is sharing silence through words

Unfortunately, most people share only noise through their incessant talking.

What is successful communication after all?

I think I can confidently say that I do understand this response more clearly.
At last! Phew…
I tell you communication is a huge issue. Can I bet you already knew that?

Oh…at last…:)

Well, it is as you say. I try to speak in a different way with every single person I meet.

I don´t know whether I manage. At least I try.

Should I even ask why you’d want that to be, when fully aware that that means
billions of different ways to speak?
Anyway, fair enough that you said you try.

Well, every person IS a world per se. I try to decipher each and everyone, according to that person´s level of perception…

Nothing happens in the same way twice – which is hellish to know…because it forces you to stay alert in every situation…

Communication is after all what happens behind the words…