An answer to Stephanie

I have been many times to Rome, but this time I finally made it to Santa Maria in Trastevere. Visiting this church was the most meaningful moment of the whole trip.

Unbelievable beauty, the exquisite mosaics there were breathtaking, like the whole mighty silence inside, like the gorgeous paintings and the whispering perennial light…Time stood still…You could feel the vague whisper of eternity…

Out of the blue some monks began to sing the most otherworldly chants…At this point I no longer knew whether this was happening or I was dreaming.

In moments like this, you feel that this is the “real” reality. My life aspiration is this quiescent beauty, this pure space permeated by the sweet fragrance of timeless candor, this generous sense of order, this all-embracing Presence when all the ages become Now…

 Linger with this a little while…

The ticket to eternity

In our age, Knowledge and intellect are in high esteem .
But human intelligence, can be an insurmountable obstacle when it comes to an extended life-perception.

If you want to enter higher states of being, you have to be prepared to give up the prejudice of “knowing”, which is anything but an easy task, as our identity is built on experience and knowledge. In plain language, it means that the ticket you have to pay for entering these realms, is the price of letting go of what you know.
It requires a huge courage to renounce your hardly acquired self-identity, for something that, at first sight, has no form yet. Few are those who rely on this vague whisper …

This is what faith is about. To have the courage of being empty, TO NOT KNOW. To break the patterns of knowledge is the most difficult but also most rewarding and worthwhile endeavour.

In  a wider perspective, to “not know” is better than “to know”. Cause if you dare to admit that “you don´t know” you are free to explore. Exploring makes life worth living, cause only the ones with courage to explore, have a direct contact with life, they are the real people.

Only exploring, only by giving up your sense of security, you might have a chance to renew yourself, to discover that Life is a never-ending wonder.