Necessity – the loveless mother

– Necessity is the Mother of all action.
– Right, I concur, but who´s its Father?…

When has necessity only ever spawned something great?…
Is Life a matter of necessity?…Is it necessary to live, after all?
Really, what kind of world has necessity brought forth?…- All these numberless destiny-short people around, slaves to its tyranny…Sightless slaves with no perception of the mysterious…
With no receptivity for beauty and the subtle…For the ineffable greatness of being.


Where are all inspired poets? Where are the real creators? The visionaries?…Where are the prophets to lend a hint of sparkling sense and transcendence?…
Have they all been wiped out by the reckless goddess of the humdrum?…

In the land of the diseased, sanity is anomaly

Have you ever heard something more frightening and pompously idiotic?

“Obviously, culture does not dissolve merely because persons are alienated.
A strange type of society has to be invented, nonetheless, in order for alienation
to be considered normative.”

– John Murphy

Unfortunately, here is bluntly expressed what is currently happening, and where
society is heading head over heels.
Indeed mr Murphy you are right, we have turned madness into norm…
It is thanks to you and other postmodern derisory and impotent bastards like you,
which have shaped this world into a living hell of despirited gloom and stripped man of
any dignity and meaning.

A piece of Dreadful Utopia coming true

This surpasses by far whatever sickest nightmare ever imagined, and yet, it
seems to be true:

In this article below, the Nestle CEO shamelessly and insolently claims that
“Water is not a human right, it has to be privatized.”

Of course, time will show that breathing is no human right any longer. So why not
privatize Air too, you fucking greedy moron?

No but really, this is really symptomatic of what is happening in this epoch, but no one

MAKE-BELIEVE, and because of that, the big corporations´ last remaining strategy is to capitalize and charge for the most basic unquestionable human rights and requirements.

It is each and everyone´s fault, yes, YOURS AND MINE!!, that we have become such lazy
and apathetic drones, that we uncritically allow such monsters to benefit from our fear,
indolence and cowardice. 

Shame on them, and shame on us!

Here is the article:

Back to real Presence

People are not alert, they are not mindful to this very moment; they neither listen nor see what is happening NOW. They live in a state of constant aloofness, always on the run to God knows where, always being somewhere else. They are strangers… even in their own life, strangers even to their bodies.

It is so sad. You may see the most good-looking girls, with all the blessed feminine attributes and alas…you look into their eyes, and you realize with awe that they are not “at home”.
They´re totally uncomfortable in their bodies, they do not accept or know how to deal with their femininity; all their inner and outer attributes are more some kind of an ordeal to put up with, than something natural to enjoy.

It is a horrible nuisance to witness, but women have no real personality nowadays – as personality means presence – and what you see is “the same girl” in all girls around. Speaking and behaving the same way, same cloths, same haircuts, same everything…Due to the fact that women have become so flat and neurotic, we all suffer becoming some kind of freaks.

Women behave like men and men like women. Woman deprived of femininity and man deprived of force and manhood.

People being so absent in their lives, you may wonder how they can ever learn or know anything genuine, indeed, what kind of life can they have when they never touch anything for real…? Well, the bad news is they don´t have a real life, other than some kind of imaginary mise en scene.

They do all the “regular things” in life, yet always remaining in some kind of weird absent zone of sorts, always avoiding this present moment.

It is unbelievable. With these ghosts of people how can we ever speak of a real civilization? How can a culture deserve its name, when real Life is extinct, when everything is a blatant expression of absence and nothingness?

My aim and my concern here is this: we have to let our presence shine. This presence of ours needs to be so powerful in the here and now, so that it can be a living example and a guidance for everybody around to embrace.

We simply have to bring ourselves back home into OUR OWN LIVES.

This is the most vitally important thing we can “strive after”.

A comment to Paul about Change

“The world fails more than it works.” you say.

I agree on that – failing has become our legacy and virtue…yet I wonder:

Can you “make” your own life work more than it fails…? Can you realize your real potential albeit the depressing and revolting general state of things? Cause in my question lies the Solution and Change everybody is looking for outwardly…

I said it earlier – you are a sum of All there is and the sum is you. When you bring about a real improvement within you, the whole Sum will instantly know and benefit from this. This entails that you heed my words now:

We can spend a lifetime whining about the world – we are indeed entitled to do this, but you know…ultimately it makes no difference to utter the “Present Truth”. Constantly considering the unpleasant deprives us of all our energy. We kind of get stuck into “present reality”. We simply have to make a mind switch changing our focus – from obsessively concentrating on the problem, to gradually giving all our unreserved attention to Solution.

The difference comes as each and everyone becomes a living example of how we want to live. We have to bring about a Sustainable Solution inside of us, in our present life – NOW…With other words, YOU AND ME HAVE TO INVENT ANOTHER “TRUTH”…We have to bring forth “another reality”…That´s kind of why are we here…Not at all easy, but we once took deliberately this challenge.

My best “advise” to you (and to myself too) is to come to grips with What Is the Real You. It is imperative to take the step into healing and bring soothing calm and joy into our life. Understand that you are the world, and again, when you improve, the world improves.