A fragment from the Book of Privy Counselling

And so I urge you, go after experience rather than knowledge.

On account of pride, knowledge may often deceive you, but this gentle, loving affection will not deceive you. Knowledge tends to breed conceit, but love builds. Knowledge is full of labor, but love, full of rest.

The Real Story – Our Transcendent Immanence…

Every story is an inseparable part of another story.

So the most ardent question is – at what point do you begin and end
the specific story…?

Where…? When?…

And above all:


A profound question.

You make me think of the idea of history as “objective” recounting of what happened
– a patent illusion, of course. One reason it is an illusion is that even if we pretend that we can now know what happened before, which we actually cannot do, the place where we begin and the place we end dramatically affect the story’s meaning.

Stories, I believe, are always a way of expressing a moral posture, a distortion of the past for the purpose of making a point about the present.

I’ve been away, emotionally, for quite a while. Back now. Came by here, of course, and as always I see the evidence of your mind at work. “Fascinating” is too small a word to describe what you create here.

So good to hear from you.

Thank you for your heartfelt feedback. Your words are a vivid proof that I don´t write in vain, as I many times fear…

You say you´ve been emotionally away.
It´s been a harsh time. No worldly method seems to bring the healing and relief we so much crave for.


Who recounts of what happened – the victorious or the defeated?…
Who is the one, and who´s the other?…

Are there any victors in this world really…?

For sure…

If the immemorial “Story” goes on…we won´t…

I guess we have to get back to the story of no story, if we want to retrieve
The Real Story – our Transcendent Immanence…

It alone will heal us…

The Most Important Question

Sometimes you come to the point where beyond the argument of deluded
self-importance, extravagance or bloated subjectivity, you simply know that the
current viewpoint promulgated by science or “spiritual” authority
 is “wrong”,
and you are “right”.

After all, there is no map to anything…

If you want to find out Who You Are and what Your True Destiny is about, you have to question Tradition and Societal Norm which are there to hinder, restrict and discourage you from finding yourself and what is right for you – your individual path.

Most people are never really “born” as they blindly follow the mainstream – “mainstream” meaning failure and perdition for individuality.

If you don´t wisely challenge and rebel against the present order, finding your most specific individualityyou are lost – you will miss the whole point with Life.

Can you thus assume the responsibility of knowing this, of trusting your inner voice and not the rational and dogmatic bunkum of conformity, even if that means derision, tribulation, humiliation and loneliness?

The price is huge, but BEING WHO YOU REALLY ARE IS HOMECOMING – the real answer to it all.


Perfectly emphasised

A person who doesn´t somehow have a sense of relationship with the Eternal
will rattle rather than speak.
– Alan Watts

Loneliness, suffering and the secret of healing

Ann Joseph commenting a post of mine:

Loneliness and emotional issues of us is quite an old concept. Being a folklorist, I have seen evidence of loneliness in proverbs & folklore from several cultures. One Yiddish proverb on loneliness I want to quote here, is “When an orphan suffers, no one notices; when he rejoices, the whole world sees it.” from my site http://cuteproverbs.com/proverbs-by-topic/loneliness-quotes/.

I guess one thing poorly understood is the difference between Loneliness and Solitude. In the former the person is not comfortable with the self but in Solitude, he is in perfect harmony with the self. Isn’t it? Once we learned this difference through experience, he is capable of handling hard times ahead.


It´s very hard to put this in few words, I could go on forever what loneliness entails.

To be concise, Loneliness is basically Absence, isn´t it? Loneliness is to be estranged from Self – that´s for sure.

Since this present Culture is basically the outcome of this estrangement, it is natural that our parents and tutors have raised us in this absence.

Our civilization is a civilization of orphans really, let´s face it.

“When an orphan suffers, no one notices”. No one notices cause everybody suffers,
that´s why people are deaf to each other´s suffering. Most humans think that life is about suffering, despite their refusal to admit it.

As suffering is the issue, very few – if any – come “to rejoice”, that is, to heal themselves from this inner torment.

The one who rejoices, is the one who consciously takes the road “back” to Self,
consciously going through all levels of personal and collective suffering,
facing man´s worst nightmarish drama – Separation – going through and beyond it, into primordial Unity with Self.

Reuniting with Self is restoring Life to its original aspect, it is Healing,
and this “rejoicing” – the real Solitude with Self – will therefore be heard by everybody, as everybody secretly wants to heal.

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What are we longing for really?…

Everybody is longing for something.

Quite obvious, Yearning is the motivation behind every person´s action.

I don´t remember someone to have ever questioned this, but
I see myself compelled to look into the very nature of yearning,
as longing has only brought me overwhelming sorrow and distress.

It is so paradoxical – the more I longed the less I received. No matter what.

The more I longed for something the more distance I created between me and
the desired thing.

Really, yearning has felt like a curse. The more yearning, the more sorrow
I received. Invariably, the more unfulfilled I felt.

So after so many years of pondering, I seem to have come to some kind
of insight about this. What happens is that WHEN WE YEARN, WE CREATE TIME repudiating here and now, reinforcing the separation between our desire and its fulfillment.

It comes down to this: if you want something or someone, you have to stop yearning,
raising the most uncomfortable question:


What is fulfillment ultimately?

Can it be that whatever longing, is longing after the ineffable Oneness, with Yourself…

Longing enhances duality, and  AS LONG AS WE ARE CAUGHT IN DUALITY,
we will most likely indulge in even more suffering and distress.

I wish I had a clear answer on this, but as far as I can see
if we want to realize what we long for, we have to stop longing and “reach out” for that very inexplicable state of initial non-duality – oneness – which is our most truthful nature. 

If I say “Oneness”, for most people this word will sound like a total absurdity – a mere lifeless concept – that´s the difficult part since very few humans have ever tasted what
Oneness entails.

We have to start living as if duality didn´t exist.

In plain language, if you want to have what you yearn for, you have to drop yearning, “reaching”- that is, being in – a state of veritable, unfeigned contentment AS IF YOU ALREADY HAD ALREADY THAT DESIRED THING. Once feeling dignity and contentment, you will have a fairly better chance to fulfill your longing. 

Does it make sense…?

There is no such thing is Immovable Truth!




Disregard it all!

Truth is unborn.
So are you.

Know thyself

The essential thing is but to understand yourself through constant and relentless self-questioning.
In due time, penetrating deeper in yourself, – which is a hell of a job – you might
understand things differently, no matter if it comes to the book you mention or my writing.

Bear in mind that even when you are “right” you are still “wrong”. To see the false as false is a hell of an undertaking.

Says Rainer Maria Rilke

The only courage that is demanded of us, is the courage for the most strange, the most singular, the most inexplicable, that we may encounter. Mankind has in this sense been cowardly, has done life endless harm.

The experiences that are called visions, the whole so-called spirit world, death, all these things that are incredibly akin to us, have by daily paring been so crowded out of our life, that the senses with which we could have grasped them are atrophied, to say nothing of God.

The dwelling place of Love

The multitudes within duality…are deceptively rewarding. Fear is its own limitless contradiction. It loves its thesis and antithesis…It loves to give only to take back.
In One all contradictory multitudes desist – as One is the end of ego. The dweling place of Love.