The prison of your making

For the one who has lived his life as a convict – that is, in the exclusive straits of his ideas -, Freedom – which has naught to do with thinking – will seem pure absurdity to him.

What in earthly terms is considered “relation” is in most cases a non-relation

To find therefore what real Relation is about requires immense courage:
Namely to interrupt all discursive thought. To break away from all known structure.


It’s about retrieving your child mind.
Undo it all!
Unword yourself.

Relation is a state of non-cognition.

Memory Negates Love

Is it possible to love without thinking?

What do I mean by thinking? Thinking is a response to memories of pain or pleasure. There is no thinking without the residue which incomplete experience leaves.

Love is different from emotion and feeling. Love cannot be brought into the field of thought; whereas feeling and emotion can be brought. Love is a flame without smoke, ever fresh, creative, joyous.

Such love is dangerous to society, to relationship.

So, thought steps in, modifies, guides it, legalizes it, puts it out of danger; then one can live with it. Do you not know that when you love someone, you love the whole of mankind? Do you not know how dangerous it is to love man? Then, there is no barrier, no nationality; then, there is no craving for power and position, and things assume their values.

Such a man is a danger to society.

For the being of love, the process of memory must come to an end. Memory comes into being only when experience is not fully, completely understood. Memory is only the residue of experience; it is the result of a challenge which is not fully comprehended. Life is a process of challenge and response. Challenge is always new but the response is ever old. This response, which is conditioning, which is the result of the past, must be understood and not disciplined or condemned away. It means living each day anew, fully and completely. This complete living is possible only when there is love, when your heart is full, not with the words nor with the things made by the mind. Only where there is love, memory ceases; then every movement is a rebirth.

 J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

We have to give up the false assumption that Life is Separateness

Life is never one-sided.

But our thought is. Likewise our perception of ourselves and everything around us.
That´s the main problem of thinking basically: I choose “this”, on the expense of “that”.

We can´t imagine that a thing is both “this and that”…

Our choice is uncritically taken as the only valid assumption. Meaning that we inertially take our deliberate option as “The Thing”. It is clear that whatever we observe is biased by our ingrained one-sidedness.

Either you are a scientist, or a poet. To be a poet and a scientist doesn´t make you a reliable professional.

If I as a musician paint, compose or write and have scientific interests besides, turns me automatically into a suspicious character.

Stupidity consists of many things, but in this context, stupidity is always one-sided.

In fact, the beginning of stupidity is to be found in the shameless presumption of “either-or”. Either down or up. Stay or go. Christian or Buddhist. The list can continue interminably…

Truth of the matter is that we are irrevocably stuck in either-or and neither-nor.
In vapid concepts. Language too, may be our curse.

Most assuredly, an apple is not a pear, of course, a man is not a woman.

The problem is that thinking suspends the Natural Unity of Life – it sees the apple totally separated from the pear, the child from the “grown-up”, the woman from man.

With other words, another insidious side of stupidity is to be stuck in category-thinking. Further on – and this is the most scary characteristic for most people:


This falling short of seeing things in intrinsic relation is appalling. It is actually our doom.


We are supposed to mount but not descend, win and never lose, act obsessively without relaxing, go away but never come back.

The worst outcome of this delirious misconception is Progress – as in economic growth.

Growth can also mean tumor. Isn´it obvious? – We have totally bought ourselves into maintaining and fueling disease. Everybody with common sense sees the relation between economic growth and sickness – growth as a rampant bloating of fragmentation and disunity.

“Day-living” is our only zany answer. Night – as a metaphor for Mystery and Unknowing, the zone where our definitions are invalid – scares us. Too spooky. Too uncontrollable. 

This stupid idea of separateness has turned our life into an unbearable and absurd wasteland. In the absence of the Ineffable – the Wholeness of Being – and due to becoming explicitly rational, human relations have been ruined: man has become woman´s worst foe, and woman man´s worst nightmare.

Not being able to relax and come back to themselves, people live in total agony. Not being IN RELATION to anything, they cut themselves off from any reasonable living.

Lonely wretched strangers going nowhere.

To conclude.

Everything falls back to a wrong perception of Life.

Namely, THE ONE-SIDEDNESS OF THOUGHT, which breeds Separation, Fragmentation and Lack of Relation.

Fragmentation is the sickness of the Soul.

The enormously stupid and baleful assumption that Life is Separation is our death sentence.

There is not much of an option. We have to renounce this disastrous delusion and heal, embracing Wholeness.

Everything is in vivid relation to everything.

Sometimes I get into feeling that I’m in this all alone

Says Maria Estes on Facebook. She goes on:

“Recently I was feeling that way, while I was eating a piece of toast. I thought about all that went into that piece of toast, all the hands that had touched it (so to speak), that had gotten it made, to my kitchen and into my mouth. I realized that it’s an illusion that we’re totally on our own. It’s actually impossible.

As Lily Tomlin said: “We’re all in this alone, together.”

My comment:

The thing is that identification with thinking is the source of disease – as ultimately, thinking is “this” and not “that”…The moment you realize that life is “precisely imprecise”, well, in that very space thinking ceases, and healing can happen.

Thinking is actually a terrible misconception – it bluntly ignores that there are “other hands” preparing “the toast” claiming that it exist only by itself…as you say, it thinks that it is on its own …- which is pure madness…In fact we need to approach a new kind of thinking which embraces opposites…that´s pretty utopian of course, but I think this is our “salvation”.

Maria Estes blog:

Man is his own prisoner

Only Man is separate from What is through his belief, that is, through
his ability to think which becomes his self-inflicted imprisonment.

– Joakim

Do you have time to think?

Ponder on this:

Love is timeless time. Thought is illusory time and linearity. Every time you think, you create even more distance from Love. You need no thought when you Love.

So do you have time to waste on thinking…?

Talking to oneself never hearing the other is called dialogue today

If you listen to something or someone, and at the same time you are being absorbed by your thoughts and inner chatting, it means that YOU DON´T ACTUALLY LISTEN. You can´t take in anything other than the noise of your mind.

You can´t possibly be watchful, be fully attentive and in the same time think. People learn almost nothing new, cause they always think, always measure, always look to gain, frantically thirsting for some kind of abstract “more”. Nothing seems to still their fierce lust.The more they look, the less they get, the emptier, more stupid and greedy they all become.

Searching without ever finding, seems to be the thing. All this frenzied looking for something, but never knowing what they search. How could they ever know, or find something, if they are irretrievably unmindful, never attentive to what is going on around them…

You watch them talk and you realize with amazement that they don´t speak to each other, but to themselves, using the other as a part of their inner dialogue. Ignoring the other, talking to oneself, is called dialogue today.

Love – like communication – entails real contact, real interest to reach out…
Sharing something today though is more like “we are together but masturbate separately.”

Alas, it takes two to be no one.


Thinking seems to be a curse…

The less you live, the more you think.

Thinking spawns Absence of Emotion

People are so occupied with their thinking, so absorbed in their inner labyrinth, so THEY SEE NOTHING AROUND THEM.
If the answer to their wishes would lie in front of their nose, be it the solution to their problems, or the lover they so hardly look for, or I don´t know what, they would see nothing.


It is unbelievable to see how HUMANS HAVE BECOME THE SLAVES OF THEIR OWN THINKING, taking their drama for the only one and ultimate reality, becoming so closed and impenetrable, that nothing can reach them anymore.

How on earth has man become so self-absorbed, so dead and insensitive? So incredibly absent…?

Could it be that THINKING is the curse and main disease of “modern” times ?

If you go out wherever, you have the feeling the world has become depopulated. Absence and absence wherever you turn…Nobody is there cause everybody is immersed in thinking, in planning God knows what….

Life is no longer real life, but a question of thinking, and postponing.

There are plenty of activities around, noises, million ”things to do”, places to see, and yet, again – you have the distinct feeling that NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS.

Today´s society is a sum of boring, empty, spiritually anemic, utterly dead individuals interested in gadgets, expensive clothes and costly but superfluous items.

More often than not, the typical individual today is more a sum of  well-rehearsed attitudes, than a genuine entity.

This is the REAL CRISIS they all talk about today. The crisis is WE, the non entities we have become.

THE CRISIS IS OUR THINKING, OUR EMOTIONAL BANKRUPTCY, it is the absence of life within us.

Only a lived life creates value. Value means LIVING. But we have become great liars because we don´t live, we are great specialists in faking. Our lives are therefore hollow, as there is no value in lie and falsehood.

We are afraid of Life, as we take Absence for Life.

Why are many so stupid, corrupt and incompetent? Because they have no clue anymore as to what Presence and Living is about.

Only the vivid person taking responsibility for feeling and living, is real, intelligent, graceful and naturally wise.

Life sustains everything… – meaning that being alive is finding new solutions.

But WHERE THERE IS NO LIFE, THERE IS NO SUSTAINABILITY WHATSOEVER. Neither economically, politically, artistically or in whatever aspect of our human endeavour.

Life is Emotion, and the absence of emotion means misfortune.