Stop playing hide-and-seek with yourself

This second, yes, this very Second contains everything there´s ever been, is,
and will be!
The whole Universe in its blessed Totality happens Now.

No, this is NOT some kind of excentric affirmation. No speculation, no verbal hocus pocus. It is but the simplest and most overarching Truth.

Stop playing hide-and-seek with yourself!

Your seeking has invented such misconceptions as “later” and “then”- these loose denominations exist in your imagination only.

“You”, as random fragmentation separated from Life, is futile Illusion.

STOP consequently trying to find yourself. You are already “found”… – you are already “there”: The Real You doesn´t exist in Time. You exist Now, beyond any measure, linearity or logic.

LIFE is a cosmic occurrence, It doesn´t give a damn about words. It totally baffles intelligence. If you want to get this, stop ascribing language, or your conceptual imagination any sense or significance.

There is nothing you will achieve, unless you access this very instant knowledge.

Time, despair and failure

“The utter despair that spreads with the passage of time. I do not know when acceptance of failure will be complete but it has started. I can only pray that when I accept fully that there is no “the one” to be found, I’ll finally find some relief.”

Indeed, utter despair that spreads with the passage of time…

Please understand that Time is Despair. As we are taught to live “in time” – time being fear – how can we be other than desperate? And of course, as “time goes”, our despair grows exponentially. Thus, TO LIVE “IN TIME” IS THE GREATEST FAILURE…Ego can survive only in time, can you see that? By definition, ego is failure, so once you drop the idea of time, ego begins to gradually dissipate. The Real You cannot fail, AS IT IS LOVE, and when you realize the illusionary aspect of ego – which is a hell of an undertaking, as ego is unspeakably cunning!!!! – you realize that You Are The One to be found. 

This mechanism I write about is childishly simple, or impossible to get – because what most likely happens, is that your ego will dismiss these words as rubbish…

Separation –  Ego – hates Oneness. Separation hates Joy. Happiness is the greatest foe to ego, believe me, as when you are happy ego cannot survive…

I repeat: NO TIME, NO EGO. “I´ll finally find some relief” – is ego´s self-decepting voice.

“Finally”… – meaning uncertainty, somewhere on the road of time…

THE FINAL IS NOW, EVERY MOMENT! Now is the moment to “make it final”, that is, TO BEGIN – to make your statement, in silence.

So if you are to find some relief, it has to be NOW – along with these words of mine.